CVC Cavalier Cross Country vs. Bakersfield Christian

A first for me, I was actually able to attend a CVC Cavalier Cross Country run, though it was apart of the Bakersfield Christian Milk Bowl, I was glad to finally be able to take photographs of each runner as they neared the finish line on their 3 mile cross country run.

Photographs of the runners can be HERE.

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  • Kim Stock


    Thanks for your help at the Cavaliers pop warner game the other night…very helpful…having fun learning more… Hey, couldn’t find there pics on here, are they up yet? Also, suggested your site to the Cross Country parents, I don’t know if they knew about it… Great pics at the Bakersfield Christian Event…I didn’t know and you have a great shot of my daughter, I will order when I look at the little Cav football pics from the other night. Thanks again!

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