Yosemite Trip


Anytime can be a good time for visiting Yosemite, but I pick the most random times to visit. This time in late fall my friend and I decided that we had to get to Yosemite, while he was up visiting from the Los Angeles area. Along the way we stopped in Oakhurst for some dinner at a local Japanese restaurant called Oka. The Oka is probably one of the best places to eat in the Oakhurst area if you want something other than Pizza or other tourist fast food style places.

After leaving Oakhurst and Oka behind we took off for Yosemite valley floor as fast as the car and mountain roads would allow, but halted our journey right near the Wawona hotel to capture some amazing photographs of fog across this meadow. It was a beautiful moon lit night, perfect for getting out and taking photographs.


They Yosemite valley floor was about an hour and a half from the Wawona hotel and upon arrival we found fog in the meadows there as well, but decided to for go the opportunity for additional fog photographs for the comfort of our tent and sleeping bags with the hope that we would wake up early enough to find some good photographs before the sun made it’s grand appearance into the day.


Day broke just after we were up taking photographs in a meadow, the meadow was overcome with fog from the cool late fall night.