Fall Sports 2014

Football season starts tonight, honestly I can’t wait, however I won’t be able to make it out there tonight due to some family events that are happening. I’m setting my schedule for Fall 2014, to be posted here soon.

I’ll be praying for no injures tonight for the CVC Cavalier Football team, see you all next week!!

CVC Fall Play (Ann Frank)

Photographs of the CVC Fall Play Ann Frank are now posted and available for viewing and Purchase. I want to congratulate the cast and crew for a great play that really tells a story, one that I fear may be forgotten if it doesn’t continue to be told.

Please click here to view photos.

IMG 7152

Fall Play Cast Photographs

Fall play cast photographs are now available from the following link, full post to come.

CVC Fall Play

Visalia’s Central Valley Christian Theater opened early this with a fall production of “The Foreigner”, a lighthearted comedy in which the characters learn about their strengths from a guest pretending to be a foreigner. I was asked to be the official photographer taking photographs of the cast as they went through their final dress rehearsal. Great job to the cast, directors and set designers on your fun play.

Break a leg! (I believe that is what you are supposed to say.)

Photographs from the production of “The Foreigner” can be found here at my prints for sale site.




Barnes Family Photographs

Taking advantage of the fall color and the warm temperatures the Barnes family and I went out to Woodward Park in North Fresno to take family portraits. With rolling grassy hills and a large pond it was easy to find locations that featured the family as well as the beauty of Woodward Park.

[slidepress gallery=’BarnesFamilyFall2009′]

Willy & Sarah Family Photograph

Originally I had offered to take infant photographs of Asa, however this didn’t work out so Willy and Sarah allowed me to borrow their time and photograph their new addition in a family portrait. Photographs were taken at Blaine Park, in Visalia California, one of the many parks in Visalia offering many different trees and areas for picnicking, playing with the kids and in my instance taking photographs.





Many photographers under fair weather conditions like to use the local parks of Visalia for portrait photographs and wedding photographs featuring the wedding party. Blain Park offers shade throughout the day, even on the most hot days the summer some reprieve can be found from the sun.

Many thanks to Forrest Cavale, friend and long time photography partner, for his assistance with the strobes and pushing me to get out of my comfort zone for the photographs. As a note good infant photographs after the first couple of weeks is something that is almost up to the infant themselves as a fussy mood can often turn into a very fussy mood quickly with the application of a photographers flash.


Coldren Family Photos

Just in time for Christmas, Fall around the Central Valley is a great time for portraits, wither they are family portraits, e-sessions or senior portraits.

The Coldren family allowed me the opportunity to become a part of their family long enough to capture some fun and beautiful moments. They were instantly comfortable and willing to be crazy in front of the camera. Photographs taking can be purchased or downloaded from here or by clicking any one of the many photos that I chose as by favorites.





Yosemite Trip


Anytime can be a good time for visiting Yosemite, but I pick the most random times to visit. This time in late fall my friend and I decided that we had to get to Yosemite, while he was up visiting from the Los Angeles area. Along the way we stopped in Oakhurst for some dinner at a local Japanese restaurant called Oka. The Oka is probably one of the best places to eat in the Oakhurst area if you want something other than Pizza or other tourist fast food style places.

After leaving Oakhurst and Oka behind we took off for Yosemite valley floor as fast as the car and mountain roads would allow, but halted our journey right near the Wawona hotel to capture some amazing photographs of fog across this meadow. It was a beautiful moon lit night, perfect for getting out and taking photographs.


They Yosemite valley floor was about an hour and a half from the Wawona hotel and upon arrival we found fog in the meadows there as well, but decided to for go the opportunity for additional fog photographs for the comfort of our tent and sleeping bags with the hope that we would wake up early enough to find some good photographs before the sun made it’s grand appearance into the day.


Day broke just after we were up taking photographs in a meadow, the meadow was overcome with fog from the cool late fall night.


Fall Came Today

Fall came today, or rather I was available to photograph fall today. This year’s fall has been held off by the late summer heat. Fall means that it is the perfect time for photographs both of the leaves and the of people amongst the leaves. I am hoping that the free offer available to CVC Students and free engagement photographs available to people wishing to interview me to be their wedding photographer will entice people to take a step in front of the camera. If the orchards and fields around through out the country side aren’t your thing, I can be available to travel to many other locations throughout the area.