Watching her eyes

There is something unique about the way that the bride and groom look at things and interact on their wedding day, and a special sparkle that exists that is hard to correctly capture. I have seen it in the brides eye’s many times. Often people fail to miss it or miss comment on what it is that they are seeing that is so beautiful, often commenting on the brides dress.
On their wedding day brides and grooms are in process of changing, their outlook on life and the way they have previously lived is undergoing a radical change. No longer will it be just themselves with the roommates that they have surrounded themselves with, it will be themselves and their wife from this day forward. Throughout their wedding day the bride and groom express themselves in many different ways, many becoming emotional to the events.
It is those very special moments that I long to capture for future enjoyment of the bride and groom so that they can look back and see what they looked like and connect it to the emotion that they were experiencing. It is always my hope that they can trust me and relax in front of the camera lens and pretend that I am not there. Below are photographs taken from a couple different weddings that can clearly illustrate being there at the right moments.
sample taken from Argulles Wedding May 27, 2006

sample taken from Javier Wedding August 27, 2006

sample taken from Tyson wedding July 31, 2006 (by far my most used photograph)

These brides and groom photographs are examples of cases in which they trusted me, their wedding photographer, implicitly. To achieve the amount of trust that yields quality photographs it is important that we both spend sufficient time getting to know each other. It is for that reason that I offer free engagement sessions; Visalia and the surrounding area offers many different backdrops for engagement photographs. Being comfortable with each other truly helps achieve results that can be treasured for a lifetime to come.