Chelsea + Everett Wedding

Though I wasn’t the main photographer, a second to Forrest Cavale, on this wedding I was encouraged to shoot as if I were a main in hopes that I would capture moments that wouldn’t have otherwise be captured. Throughout the day I was able to meet the groom, his family, bride and her family while they were prepping for the big event.

The biggest surprise, other than the ceremony and reception, for me was the Leyendekker ranch, I was able to go out to the ranch and meet the Groom, his family and his attendants. When I arrived they were all out at the stables looking at the beautiful horses riding a couple of others and just having a look around the dairy.

Once introductions were done at the Leyendekker ranch Everett sped of to get ready at the bride dress and grooms home in Tulare, that’s where we met up again, as a change in location the first look and wedding party shots were arranged to be photographed at the new Mr. and Mrs. Leyendekker home. As we waited for Chelsea to arrive and meet her groom we prepped for the entire wedding party. Everyone was in good spirits upon arrival and we quickly took photos of the wedding party before heading to the church, Trinity United Reformed Church of Visalia.

The get away vehicle for the day was a classic car.
Leyendekker Wedding Party


Here’s a quick video put together by Jeffery Prosser of Pop Cinema:

Chelsea & Everet from Jeffrey Prosser on Vimeo.


Photography By: Forrest Cavale (Third Element Studios)
Wedding Held at:

Trinity United Reformed Church
6400 W. Walnut Ave
Visalia, California 93277
(559) 636-2540
FAX (559) 733-99621

Victorian Garden of Two Sisters
3888 Ave 408
Kingsburg, CA 93631
(559) 897-4154

Carrage Provided by:
Leyendekker Ranch
9001 Avenue 360
Visalia, CA
Barn Office (559) 627-9509

Video by:
Geoff Prosser

J & A Kane Wedding

Justin and Anita were married in Pismo Beach, California, as close to the Pacific Ocean as you can possibly get without being in the sand with a wedding dress. In fact we did take them down to the beach to get some photographs of the both of them. Walking down the long staircase at the Sea Crest Ocean Front Hotel to the beach below can be quite a task for anyone especially anyone in a wedding gown however Anita was very willing to take on the task for the images that would be captured after the decent to the sandy beach below.

The reception for Justin and Anita was held at Steamers of Pismo Beach just down the street from Sea Creast in their banquet room, wonderful food and atmosphere both.

Their exit was no less spectacular than their wedding location with sparklers ablaze the bride and groom left the reception to start their lives together.

If a bride and groom elect to see each other before their wedding it really can make the day much more relaxing for everyone, including the guests who look forward to the grand entrance of the couple to the reception.

Ellis Wedding

A “Vegas Wedding”, though it wasn’t really like that, please let me tell a bit of the story. Dominique and Bryan were married and Victoria’s Family, a beautiful, small, everything in one place wedding chapel about 10 minutes from what Vegas people call the “Strip”. Dominique and Bryan live in Vegas and are madly in love and wanted to get married. In this instance what happened in Vega’s though the memories do stay there the decision was made through a long courtship. It was a quick trip to Vegas but a wonderful opportunity to support family. Enjoy the wedding photo samples below.


Kane Wedding, Paso Robles, California

Bird and Davis were married on Friday, July 09, 2010 in a ceremony starting at just the right time, the mid-day heat had just broken in Paso Robles, California as their wedding started. Everything came together beautifully with the help of Vina Robles Winery and their beautiful grounds and the correctly chosen accents. The view from facility and their grounds is nothing but the golden rolling hills of California topped with the green patterns of rolling vineyards, a beautiful location for celebrating the start of a life together for Bird and Davis both.

Bird had a hard time allowing me to photograph her wedding as I am her brother and she really wanted me to enjoy their wedding, but realized that I would enjoy the wedding best through the viewfinder of my camera and every photo captured of their big day.

Location: Vina Robles Winery, Paso Robles, California

Florist: Bloom and Grow

Wedding Cake: Two Little Birds Bakery

Photography: Kevin Ford

Wedding of Michael and Candace – Preview

Couldn’t wait to publish at least a preview of Michael and Candace on their wedding day. Candace and Michael were married Saturday January 16, 2010 at the Heritage Complex at the International Ag Center, Tulare, California. From the reception hall you would have never know that it wasn’t a ski lodge someplace in the alpines with all of the pine trees around the facility.

The wedding was completely an expression of themselves and the love that they share, wonderful to be apart of.

A quick trip to Illinois

A long trip away from our home in Visalia my wife and I took a quick trip out to Illinois this past weekend to see one of my friends married off, what a beautiful state. I think that it happened that Katherine and I went to Illinois at just the right time as the corn fields were dry, ready for harvest and the weather wasn’t a suffocating kind of hot that I am told can often settle over the region. Instead of the oppressive heat that Illinois can experience I was greeted by the weather of fall, just weeks away from fall colors and days away from settling frost I could have spent 3 weeks instead of the 3 days that I was in Illinois.

Town after town was full of old structures, old and well cared for barns were scattered across the countryside as thick as the tree’s gracing the rolling hills. There was a since of something different in Illinois that reminds me of no where else I had ever been. I hope that I can return some day and take in the sites and many photographs that can be taken.

Asked to be a part of the wedding party my role as a photographer was to be severely hampered, I did however manage to take a couple of photographs that I thought could be shared. The bride and groom will be the only ones besides myself to see any additional images, I think that the few that I can share should speak for themselves.

Our New Wedding Album


In an effort to create the best wedding album for my clients I’m pleased to announce that I have upgraded to a new product. A wedding album leather bound with full page spreads and no gutter. This allows the photographs to be show nice and large across two pages, a real treat to all who receive the opportunity to look through it.

If you live in the Visalia area please contact me concerning your wedding and be sure to let us know that you would like to see the new wedding album.

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The Wedding of Allie and Josh

Allie and Josh Vow's

It’s a beautiful thing to see two people who have been so much in love for so many year finally get married, such is the story of Allie and Josh two very good friends of mine who have been dating for almost as long as I have known them. You can read their individual stories at so I won’t dive into that myself. I would simply like to congratulate them on their recent marriage and share a couple of photographs that I snapped of them from the sidelines on their wedding day. It’s nice to, at times, be able to just enjoy a wedding and what an enjoyable wedding it was.

Photography was provided by: Jessica Hill

First Meeting

The groom not seeing the bride was a tradition that comes from times that are long passed, no longer are the parents of the bride and groom responsible for arranging marriages for their children. It is no longer necessary, or a fact of distance, that the bride and groom be kept separate before their wedding.Though people think that the groom seeing the bride could be bad luck, it was once considered a method of protecting the marriage. Often, long before today’s ‚Äö”Post Modern Era‚Äö” he bride wouldn’t see her husband before her wedding day due to the fact that the marriage was arranged, so as to be mutually beneficial to the parents of the bride and groom. The groom wasn’t allowed to see his bride for fear that he may not to marry her and there by shame the parents.

Today, the tradition lives on as a superstition in hopes if the bride and groom don’t see each other on their wedding day they will have a long lasting marriage. Marriage is built on trust, relationship, and communion with God not traditions of luck bringing accomplished on the wedding day.

It is for the reason of a very intimate time of prayer and personal conversation that I have started to recommend that the bride and groom see each other before their wedding.

Often the bride and groom don’t receive any time for themselves on their wedding day, it is even more rare that the groom receives the opportunity to look at his wife, or wife to be, and just take in the day, the moments, and the memories. There is a rush of emotion that comes with a groom seeing his bride and a bride seeing her groom on a wedding day that can’t quite be explained, perhaps it is the promise and fulfillment of what they have felt in their hearts for so long.

A marriage is first something that starts at the heart, on a wedding day it is best that the bride and groom be given the opportunity to recognize that connection and support each other.

I have included photographs taken the Goyer Wedding where the Bride and Groom decided that they wanted to see each other before their wedding, pray with each other and spend some private time with each other.

Taylor Wedding

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Justin Taylor

Wedding and Reception held at: Neighborhood Church, Visalia, Ca

Photographs taken at: Blane and Plaza Parks

Additional Samples can be found at:

Additional Images taken by:
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