Family Photos

Father, Son, Photo

These family photographs were taken with my new mobile studio in the family’s home. A quick setup done at their home and we were off and running, taking photographs in the comfort of their own home. This made for a relaxed atmosphere allowing the models to really be themselves. Thanks for inviting me come make photos of your family, I can’t wait to capture more photos throughout the years to come.


The photos were taken using Einstein 640, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, PLM, Backdrop and Stands and a set of Pocket Wizzards.

Hernandez Family Photographs

Photographs taken of the Hernandez family on Saturday, October 6th 2012 have been processed and posted to the following address you can view them by either clicking the link or clicking the photo above.

Weststeyn Family Portraits

I have come to know the Weststeyn family through the last couple years, photographing their son Mark and daughter Amy for their senior photographs and playing sports for CVC so I guess that it was only natural that I photograph the family when they all came together near the beginning of the summer. This is a sample of the images that we captured. What a beautiful family, I’ll miss you all.

Weststeyn Family 1

Weststeyn Family 2

If you like what you see, please give me a call, I’d very much like to set up an appointment with your family make your photo.

Thanksgiving 2009

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With the many changes that have happened to my family this year thanksgiving was also bound to change. This year Thanksgiving was held at the new home that my wife and I had recently purchased for the fact that it was a central location for all of our families and was also so new to both myself and my wife that everyone wanted to see our place and how we had settled in. It was great to get together with everyone and celebrate the many things that God had given us throughout the year and remember all the things that had changed.

As we start getting near Christmas I would like to remind everyone in the Visalia area that now is a great time to take photographs amongst the fall leaves in our local parks.

Barnes Family Photographs

Taking advantage of the fall color and the warm temperatures the Barnes family and I went out to Woodward Park in North Fresno to take family portraits. With rolling grassy hills and a large pond it was easy to find locations that featured the family as well as the beauty of Woodward Park.

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Easter Photographs

Any time that there is a chance for people to get dressed up should be a good time to take family photographs, family is and should be very important and the memories should be held on to tightly. Below are some photographs that I was asked to take spur of the moment for some people that attend my church in Kingsburg, of course I was happy to do it and look forward to many more photographic opportunities with our church family.

For those of you wondering I am offering a *Special* on family portraits and other photography packages this year




Barnes Family Portraits

The Barnes family and I had a great time making their family photograph session a memoriable outing, taking the entire fimily to Woodward Park to take family photographs. Woodward Park in Fresno, California is a great place to take portraits, it offers a variety of locations and textures as backdrops for photographs.

The Barnes family and I have already agreed that as spring finds it’s way to the Central San Jouquin Valley here in wonderful Central California that we will find time to get together again and take some additional photographs. Hopefully next time there will be more time to play with their kids on the slides and swings, and the cold evening will be months behind us.



It’s always great when peoples children can become comfortable with you in such a short amount of time, it really allows shots that wouldn’t otherwise be captured. Featured above the Barnes familys’ yougest and only son finds time to give me a full grin smile, though not quite what I may have been looking for it are these moments that people often look back on and remember.



Many thanks to the Barnes Family for the opportunity to photograph both the family and their children. I look forward to working with your family again in the near future.


Willy & Sarah Family Photograph

Originally I had offered to take infant photographs of Asa, however this didn’t work out so Willy and Sarah allowed me to borrow their time and photograph their new addition in a family portrait. Photographs were taken at Blaine Park, in Visalia California, one of the many parks in Visalia offering many different trees and areas for picnicking, playing with the kids and in my instance taking photographs.





Many photographers under fair weather conditions like to use the local parks of Visalia for portrait photographs and wedding photographs featuring the wedding party. Blain Park offers shade throughout the day, even on the most hot days the summer some reprieve can be found from the sun.

Many thanks to Forrest Cavale, friend and long time photography partner, for his assistance with the strobes and pushing me to get out of my comfort zone for the photographs. As a note good infant photographs after the first couple of weeks is something that is almost up to the infant themselves as a fussy mood can often turn into a very fussy mood quickly with the application of a photographers flash.


Coldren Family Photos

Just in time for Christmas, Fall around the Central Valley is a great time for portraits, wither they are family portraits, e-sessions or senior portraits.

The Coldren family allowed me the opportunity to become a part of their family long enough to capture some fun and beautiful moments. They were instantly comfortable and willing to be crazy in front of the camera. Photographs taking can be purchased or downloaded from here or by clicking any one of the many photos that I chose as by favorites.