Barnes Family Portraits

The Barnes family and I had a great time making their family photograph session a memoriable outing, taking the entire fimily to Woodward Park to take family photographs. Woodward Park in Fresno, California is a great place to take portraits, it offers a variety of locations and textures as backdrops for photographs.

The Barnes family and I have already agreed that as spring finds it’s way to the Central San Jouquin Valley here in wonderful Central California that we will find time to get together again and take some additional photographs. Hopefully next time there will be more time to play with their kids on the slides and swings, and the cold evening will be months behind us.



It’s always great when peoples children can become comfortable with you in such a short amount of time, it really allows shots that wouldn’t otherwise be captured. Featured above the Barnes familys’ yougest and only son finds time to give me a full grin smile, though not quite what I may have been looking for it are these moments that people often look back on and remember.



Many thanks to the Barnes Family for the opportunity to photograph both the family and their children. I look forward to working with your family again in the near future.