The Dai Bai Dang Experience

Dai Bai Dang has some of the best tasting Chinese food that I have tasted in quite some time. The taste far beyond the bland tastes that many are used to at places such as Pickup Stix’s or other fast food style Chinese restaurants. The tastes of the entre’s rival the tastes of small family owned Chinese restaurants while giving the feel of a large chain, offering a large dining area with semi private booths for those looking for a good place to take a date.

While the food is amazing, Dai Bai Dang has some work to do concerning the level of service offered to their patrons and staff control. Extra waiters and waitresses need to be kept in an area not viewable to the patrons so that their horse play isn’t viewable to the staff attempting to provide excellent service to their customers and the customers themselves. It was quickly apparent who the hard working waiters and waitresses were, they were busy attending to their tables, time and time again assuring that there was nothing more that was needed.

My wife and I entered the restaurant happy to try something different in our diet after a long afternoon shopping in the Fresno River Park Area. We wanted to find some place new that we could recommend to others looking for a quiet place to have a date. We were promptly and cheerfully seated without a wait at all, once seated however we were made to wait what was almost an uncomfortable amount of time for our waiter to come and simply ask us what we would like to drink, while other waiters and waitresses bustled on about their business of helping their patrons.

Dai Bai Dang’s Orange Chicken is some of the best that we have ever had, save my favorite restaurant Thai Derm in the Glendora, California area serving Thai Orange Chicken.

The service however was less than stellar, with extra waiters and waitresses “hanging out” in view of the patrons it was apparent that the restaurant was overstaffed in hopes of a rush later in the evening. The extra staff was allowed to horse play within view of the patrons while they waited for additional customers, while those that had tables worked hard to attend their service.

When my wife’s cup of water arrived, we always have water, it had a wrapper from a straw in the glass with the water which the waiter didn’t exactly notice until the cup was put down on the table for her to drink from. After replacement of the glass of water by the waiter, at that time taking our order, we didn’t see the waiter again until it was time to leave the check for the dinner at which time we weren’t asked if there was anything more that we wanted, desert or anything else on the menu that could be categorized as an after dinner treat. The waiter missed a great opportunity to up-sale the service being offered at the restaurant and left a sour taste in my mouth for eating at Dai Bai Dang again.

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