CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball vs. Coalinga Horned Toads

The CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball team has started their run for the Valley Championship early with both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams taking wins against the Selma Bears.

Photographs of the CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball games (Varsity and JV) can be found HERE for viewing and for purchase. Please make sure that you use the “CBCVBSB09” for 15% of for the next week on photographs from this game.

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Varsity Lady Cavaliers vs. Mission Oaks

With the nice warm spring sun at their backs it was a wonderful day to be outside, and living in California’s Central Valley, and a great day for a softball game. Though the CVC Lady Cavalier Varsity Softball team had a hard time getting the runs necessary to beat Mission Oaks High both fans and athletes would have been hard pressed to find a better day to be on the softball diamond. Photographs taken at the game can be found here.

Afternoon and spring sports have a certain advantage over other sports, for one there is usually more light, this makes the job as a photographer much more easy with concern for lighting the scene and getting the athlete in correct focus.

Women’s Basket Ball vs. Immanuel Eagles

Under the leadership of coach Neal CVC’s women’s basket ball came out strong to the court ready to play the eagles, with the score always close enough it was anyone’s game. The women Cavaliers did wrap up the game in their favor, with the final couple of points moving the cavaliers out of reach of the Eagles being scored by #32.(name purposely omitted)

This game could have been the only one for #32, as she has suffered some traumatic injuries that will keep her from playing for the rest of the season.

There are many photographs to look through here. Please enjoy.

CVC Cavalier Women’s Soccer vs. Immanuel Eagles

Reedley’s Immanuel Eagles women’s soccer team, though they worked hard, was unable to take a dominant position against Visalia’s CVC Cavaliers women’s soccer in the cold January evening. CVC’s women’s soccer has been nearly as strong as their Volley ball team over the last couple of seasons and showed their strength in a big way against the Eagles.

While their exists a large rivalry between the Cavaliers and the Eagles, both teams have a mutual friendship displayed in their love for Christ and their love for the game.

Photographs of the Junior Varsity game can be found here:

Photographs of the Varsity soccer game are still forth coming.

CVC Lady Cavalier Volley Ball vs. Immanuel Eagles

Photographs of the game now available HERE.


In close matches against the Immanuel Eagles the CVC Lady Cavaliers came away with wins for both the JV and Varsity team on Thursday (Oct. 1, 2009). Photographs are available now from my Prints for sale Website.


Both the Lady Cavaliers and Eagles Junior Varsity team won 1 game in their match, taking the game to a third and final match to decide the winner. The third game in the match came down to just a couple of points with the Cavaliers winning the game and consequently the match. With such a tough set of games many in the crowd couldn’t wait to see how the Varsity teams would match up.


Varsity came out strong and took control of the floor quickly in the first game, this was however met with great resistance near the end as players on both sides got warmed up. After a couple of timeout meetings both teams fought hard with CVC’s Lady Cavaliers winning by only a couple of points in each of the 3 games played in the match.

CVC Volleyball vs. Dinuba

Congratulations to the Central Valley Christian women Cavaliers on such a fantastic win over Dinuba for the last regular play game of the Volleyball season.

All photographs taken throughout the season can be found here including photos taken on senior honor night.