Wine Tasting at Penner Ash, Newberg, Oregon

Wine snob or not touring Oregon’s countryside vineyards tasting their particular variate or blend of wine ensures a good time out and about and many scenic locations. With the rolling hills of the Willamette Valley, areas near Salem, and Portland nearly every winery owns or has their tasting room at the top of the hill overlooking fields upon fields of rolling hills spread out to look at in wonderment.

Penner Ash - View of Rolling Hills

Penner Ash - View of Rolling Hills

Oregon is host to many many wineries and even more varieties of grapes, each organized into regions, that get turned into wine. I believe that you could spend weeks and weeks trying to taste all of the wines that are created throughout even just a single year, though many are very well put together it does make me wonder what the wine that was created during the wedding that Jesus attened at the start of his ministry would have tasted like.


Though Katherine and I had previously been on a wine tasting tour in Oregon however we were unable to partake in the experience due to some health concerns. Penner and Ash was the only stop on this wine tasting trip, though I don’t know much about wine I am told that the tastes were very good, in fact many of the Penner Ash vintages are almost literally flying off of their shelves and out of their cellars for the fact of it’s great review. Though my favorite was the Shea blend We were only able to settle on the expense of 2 of their wines both very good tasting the first a blush blend, 2009 Oregon Viognier, and the second a 2007 Oregon Syrah.

Wine Tasting Room - Nice Natural Light

Winery’s Tasting Rooms are really built to be places that you feel welcome to come and hang out, some people even bring their lunch to enjoy a bottle of wine and lunch at the vineyard overlooking its vista. Penner Ash Wine Cellar is definitely a place that I will be again in hopes to further train my pallet for each unique taste of wine.

Kane Wedding, Paso Robles, California

Bird and Davis were married on Friday, July 09, 2010 in a ceremony starting at just the right time, the mid-day heat had just broken in Paso Robles, California as their wedding started. Everything came together beautifully with the help of Vina Robles Winery and their beautiful grounds and the correctly chosen accents. The view from facility and their grounds is nothing but the golden rolling hills of California topped with the green patterns of rolling vineyards, a beautiful location for celebrating the start of a life together for Bird and Davis both.

Bird had a hard time allowing me to photograph her wedding as I am her brother and she really wanted me to enjoy their wedding, but realized that I would enjoy the wedding best through the viewfinder of my camera and every photo captured of their big day.

Location: Vina Robles Winery, Paso Robles, California

Florist: Bloom and Grow

Wedding Cake: Two Little Birds Bakery

Photography: Kevin Ford

The Wedding of Allie and Josh

Allie and Josh Vow's

It’s a beautiful thing to see two people who have been so much in love for so many year finally get married, such is the story of Allie and Josh two very good friends of mine who have been dating for almost as long as I have known them. You can read their individual stories at so I won’t dive into that myself. I would simply like to congratulate them on their recent marriage and share a couple of photographs that I snapped of them from the sidelines on their wedding day. It’s nice to, at times, be able to just enjoy a wedding and what an enjoyable wedding it was.

Photography was provided by: Jessica Hill

Wine Tasting in the Willamette Valley

During our recent travels to Oregon for the wedding of our friends we went with the wedding party around to just a few of the local Vineyards and Wineries tasting the wines as we went. I took my camera along to capture some of the scenic vista’s available from many of the Winery Tasting rooms.


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Having had a great time out and about in the countryside “tasting” wine with our friends I think that it is something that I would like to try again soon in Visalia’s¬† “wine country” area of Paso Robles.