Watermarking Images

For those of you that have been with Kevin Ford photography for quite some time, you have been through a couple of site revisions and many other changes. I wanted to post concerning one of the newest changes to my photographs to smooth the change for those that may have questions.

Watermarks have now been added to all photographs when being previewed in my “Prints for Sale” area on my website. My print provider has had this option available for quite some time now, however I had not taken advantage of it. In addition to this change I have decided to allow access for people to link to photographs of themselves, for their myspace and facebook profile pages as many of my photographs have already found their way there.

Please note, for those interested in ordering prints, the “Watermarks” will not be imprinted in the delivered photographs and are only in place for those that wish to download my work and post it on their own website or profile. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.