Visalia Cavaliers

Photographs of the Visalia Cavalier Pop-Warner team have been posted to the following link. Congratulations to all teams on their win against the Fowler Redcats. For those that watch facebook please feel free to browse my page also.

Cavaliers drag down Redcats

Visalia Cavalier Pop-Warner

Photographs of the Visalia Cavalier Pop-Warner football game on 10/30 can now be viewed and purchased from HERE.

Parents: Please make a point to contact me next year so that I can get the schedule of your Visalia Cavaliers and be able to attend/photograph more games for you.

Visalia Cavalier 2009/09/05 Football


With school now in full swing it is only natural that Football also be in full swing.

Visalia’s Cavalier Juniors pulled of a sensational win against their opponent the “Raiders”. The team really came together after half-time holding their dominance on the field.

The senior team struggled to maintain the control needed for a will against the Raiders, but proved that they wanted to work together as a team. I can’t wait to see the progress that these teams will make in the next couple weeks before I am able to photograph them again.

Work hard, play hard, and pray hard. God be with you all.

Photographs from the Visalia Cavalier football game are now available for purchase.


Visalia Cavalier Football Oct. 4

Both the Visalia Cavalers, Pop Warner juniors and peewee teams came onto the football field and dominated against their recent opponent. With players willing to play their heart out to win and two games that ended in losses for the opponent I thought that the Cavaliers would sweep the evening.
In the first play of the game, kick off, the Visalia Cavaliers’ hearts were broken when the ball was run for a touch down. The first play of the game resulting in a touchdown put the team on the defensive for the rest of the game, attempting to contain their opponent and control the football game. After the half both teams in a struggle against each other there were a couple possibilities to squeak out a win, and though the Visalia Cavalier team was unable to win the game was a show of one good play after another and great sportsmanship.
Please click here to view and purchase photographs of the game.


Visalia Pop Warner Football Sept. 6

Photographs of the Visalia Pop Warner Cavalier football team can be found at: