Thanksgiving in Pioneer

This years thanksgiving was spent in the snow, freshly fallen, everything was white and perfect when we arrived just before the roads completely froze over for the night. It was great to have the freshness of the mountains and chill of fresh snow in the air to retreat to throughout Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving 2009

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With the many changes that have happened to my family this year thanksgiving was also bound to change. This year Thanksgiving was held at the new home that my wife and I had recently purchased for the fact that it was a central location for all of our families and was also so new to both myself and my wife that everyone wanted to see our place and how we had settled in. It was great to get together with everyone and celebrate the many things that God had given us throughout the year and remember all the things that had changed.

As we start getting near Christmas I would like to remind everyone in the Visalia area that now is a great time to take photographs amongst the fall leaves in our local parks.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy turkey day, after eating the Turkey I thought you may want to see one. These photos came from a town near Tahoe.