Sunset, Pismo Beach, Ca

After looking at the Monarch Butterflies we had to go to the beach being in “Pismo Beach” as we were, it would crazy to drive 7 hours round trip in one day to the beach and never see it. We walked down the path that runs through the Monarch viewing area and out to the beach. Here are a couple of images captured from the sand dunes that line the beach.

Cape Meares Lighthouse

We made it just before the sun set over the horizon and the Oregon summer fog made it impossible to see anything. Oregon light houses just as many of the lighthouses up and down the coasts of the United States are in area’s that take time and effort to visit, they are spread out in areas to provide the direction and safety needed. Cape Meares is just about in the middle of no where on some country roads towards the Pacific Ocean south and west of Tillamook, Oregon.

The photo above was taken with my rented 17mm TSE lens on my 5D a great combination for capturing the lighthouse in all of it’s splendor at quite a close range. Normally we would have been able to view the lighthouse from the inside with tours being offered by the conservatory, however recent to our vacation/arrival at the lighthouse some of the glass windows had been shot out by some local vandals, who I wish will soon be caught.

The views from almost all lighthouses are beautiful, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have lived there, at least a full day’s ride/walk from the nearest town. All of the space and adventure waiting to be had just beyond the cape with so much to do to keep the lighthouse in order.

Christmas 2008


Every year during the celebration of Christmas this star appears on the horizon, people for miles around can see the star and much like myself are reminded of the reason for the season. Many thanks to Wiebe Farms effort to remind us the reason that we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our savior and the bright star that marked Christs location.