CVC Cavalier Mens Basketball vs. Immanuel Eagles

Many people came to the comfort of the CVC Cavalier Gymnasium to see the Cavaliers play the Immanuel Eagles. The bleachers were packed with fans for both sides in hopes that their favorite would win the game. CVC’s JV team came away with the win against the Eagles clinching the game late in the second half. Photographs of the Junior Varsity Basketball game can be found for purchase here.



During the Varsity basketball match up the Cavaliers took control of the court late in the first half of play comming away with the win despite the effort of the Eagles to overcome the Cavaliers. The fans played a big part in each athelete keeping their energy up throughout the game. Photographs from varsity basktball game can be found here.




CVC Cavalier Soccer vs. Immanuel Highschol Eagles

Central Valley Christians Cavalier Men’s Soccer team came together with their home field advantage and cheering fans braving the cold, huddled next to their heaters, to win against the well practiced Immanuel High School Eagles. Congratulations to the Central Valley Christian Cavaliers on their win against their rival Immanuel Eagles. Photographs taken from the game can be found here.




CVC Lady Cavalier Soccer vs. Immanuel Highschool Eagles

The CVC Lady Cavaliers soccer team dominated the field in their rivalry game against the Immanuel Highschool Eagles on Friday night. The chill of the evening wasn’t enough to keep the Lady Cavaliers from having an amazing game against their rivals the Immanuel Eagles. Congratulations to the CVC Cavaliers on their win. Photographs from the event can be found here.




CVC Cavaliers vs. Exeter

Congratulations to the Visalia Central Valley Christian Cavalier Football team on their win against the Exeter Highs’ Monachs. Both teams did extraordinarily well with both defense and offense times fighting for fractions of yards at a time. The real game clincher was a touchdown scored just after one of Central Valley Christian team members was injured and was taken off of the field by the medical team. Photographs of the football game can be found here.


The final score 14 to 7 Cavaliers.

Additionally CVC took this final regularly scheduled season game to honor the seniors in the program whom I am sure will be missed as football practice starts again next year.



CVC Volleyball vs. Dinuba

Congratulations to the Central Valley Christian women Cavaliers on such a fantastic win over Dinuba for the last regular play game of the Volleyball season.

All photographs taken throughout the season can be found here including photos taken on senior honor night.



Reedley College Football

Though thought to be a good match-up for the Reedley College Tigers they beat their opponent with no mercy through 4 straight quarters, offering little chance for a touchdown of their opponent. The Tigers domination of the game offered some of the players that wouldn’t usually play the opportunity to get some game time and some photographs. Perhaps it was the fact that it was homecoming that spired on the Tigers or perhaps their opponent was too confident coming into the game, what ever it was I congratulate the Reedley College Tigers on their win.

Photographs of the Reedley Tigers can be found here.





CVC Cavalier Volleyball vs. Immanuel Eagles at Visalia

For the second time this year rivals Central Valley Christians’ Cavaliers faced off against Immanuels’ Eagles for a win at volleyball. CVC this time was able to pull of a staggering win for the home crowd, winning the game in three straight matches against the Eagles. The Cavaliers win was so impressive that the crowd of the opposition seemed to accept it long before the games had concluded. Photographs taken of the Lady Cavaliers can be found here.






CVC Cavalier Football vs. Kingsburg Vikings

Friday night Oct. 24 the Visalia CVC Cavaliers played against the Kingsburg Vikings in their newly completed stadium on their Homecoming night. Though the game didn’t end in a win for the Cavaliers it was a masterfully fought game for both teams. Junior Varsity did a very good job holding of the running game of the Vikings forcing them to advance almost exclusively passing plays down the field to score their touch downs. Varsity did a good job of breaking up the plays of the Vikings during the first half and nearly pulled off a couple of touch downs to bring the game to an even tie in the second half of play.

Photographs from Friday nights game can be viewed and purchased here.





CVC Volleyball vs. Selma

Congratulations to Visalias CVC Cavaliers on their win against the Selma Bears. CVC took control of the floor quickly and held on to their lead to bring the game to a quick and decisive end against the Selma Bears. CVC may very well be on the path to another area championship.

Photographs taken at the game can be found here.



The girls varsity lost very few points in their matches against the bears.




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