Visalia Cavaliers

Photographs of the Visalia Cavalier Pop-Warner team have been posted to the following link. Congratulations to all teams on their win against the Fowler Redcats. For those that watch facebook please feel free to browse my page also.

Cavaliers drag down Redcats

Fall Sports 2014

Football season starts tonight, honestly I can’t wait, however I won’t be able to make it out there tonight due to some family events that are happening. I’m setting my schedule for Fall 2014, to be posted here soon.

I’ll be praying for no injures tonight for the CVC Cavalier Football team, see you all next week!!

Central Valley Christian Photos Moved

Just wanted to make a post so that everyone could know at the same time. Central Valley Christian’s Photographs have been moved to their own folder on my website. Please visit from here forward to view sports photographs and other images for Central Valley Christian School.

This year I will also be getting back to making individual posts per event as images are posted.

El Diamante vs. Clovis North

This year upon return from my vacation I was immediately thrown back into photographing sports, and again I remembered how refreshing it is to start the weekend with a friday night under the lights smelling freshly cut grass and watching football.

In their game against the Clovis North Bronco’s the El Diamante Miners came out after a winning JV game strong, ready to fight for each touchdown, even as a visiting team there was quite a crowd gathered on the visiting side.

Photographs taken at the football game can be found by clicking this link.

New Lens

In the examples that you can see below I am demonstrating the focal depth of my newest acquisition a 50mm Canon L Series 1.2F lens, for those that aren’t photo technical like it seems that I am it is a medium telephoto, about 2x in most peoples recognition, with a very shallow depth of field which also allows for images to be taken in much darker places. I can’t wait to get this lens out on the court and fields taking photographs of different sporting events, it will lead to much sharper images of the players which I am attempting to focus on.

In addition to sports endeavors the depth of field will help create interesting portraits for my portrait work.

CVC Cavalier Womens Volleyball vs. Kingsburg Vikings

Congratulations to the CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball team on another spectacular win against the Kingsburg Vikings. Photographs of the Central Valley Christian Varsity Volleyball team vs. Kingsburg Vikings can be purchased here.

CVC Cavaliers vs. Undefeated Kingsburg Vikings

The Central Valley Christian Cavaliers took to the field attempting to upset the undefeated Kingsburg Vikings this week, however with their amazing quarterback Tyler Bray, great receivers, and heavy line the Cavaliers were only able to slow their defeat. The Cavaliers, with players playing both directions, did a great job coming together as a team to hold the Vikings throughout the game.

Varsity Photographs available here:

Junior Varsity Photographs available here:

Dodging through the Kingsburg Deffence

CVC Cavalier Volleyball 2009-09-22

Photographs of the Lady Cavalier Volleyball game have now been posted to print for sale site and are available for purchase.


Arriving earlier than usual I was able to watch and photograph the Lady Cavalier Freshmen Volleyball team, working together they had already won one game and lost another. It their third game they weren’t able to hold of the Coalinga Lady Toad’s in their win but with the good leadership of their coach they were able to come away with some valuable lessons from their match.

The Junior Varsity Lady Cavs’ were able to dominate against the Coalinga Toad’s winning in two straight matches.

The Varsity Central Valley Christian Lady Cavaliers, with one of their starters out due to an ankle injury were still able to take control early in the first game in an almost astounding win over the Coalinga Lady Toad’s. Coming back from the first game the Toad’s put up a good fight staying close to the Lady Cav’s until late in the second game when the Cavaliers pulled away for the win. Final match proved they were taking advantage of the home court advantage allowing the team to work on game play and strategy.

CVC Cavaliers Football vs. Sierra High Chieftains

652416383_sc1q3696The 2009-2010 football season officially opened for Central Valley Christian Cavalier’s this last Friday, one of the most hot and humid days that we had experienced in quite some time.

Junior Varsity had no problem taking an early lead in their game and went on to win the game, allowing the opposing team to score only in the final couple minutes of play. Many of the players that wouldn’t usually be given the opportunity to play in a game found themselves out on the field. For this reason I took many more photographs than I would have usually, in hopes that I would capture players that may otherwise not receive play time in a much closer game. Congratulations to the JV Cavaliers on the win in their first game.

game was much more exciting ending with Sierra High scoring the winning touchdown in the last 2 minutes of play. Though Sierra’s team was much smaller than CVC and had to play some of their players both ways, each team had to fight for every yard gained and every pass received. I look forward to the progress of the Cavaliers throughout the season as they are a young team and should really start to come together as a team before the end of the season.

Photographs Visalia’s Central Valley Christian Cavaliers football game, Friday night Sept 11, 2009, against Sierra Highschool have now been posted to my print service.

CVC Lady Cavaliers vs. Immanuel Highshool Eagles

Both CVC Cavalier Lady basket ball teams came away with a win in their match-up against the Immanuel High School eagles, with the Junior Varsity team winning by just one point. Congratulations to the CVC Lady Cavaliers on their win.

Photographs from the game can be found here or click one of the photographs.




Phographs of the JV game:




P.S. for those that were looking for these photographs before, it seems I made a mistake and didn’t actually have them posted on my site… though they were ready to be viewed.


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