Track and Field

CVC Track and Field kicked off this year with a meet at Mt. Whitney. Events included many athlete’s from sports which had just concluded, it seems that many of the CVC athlete’s actually triple sport the year going from say football to soccer and then to track.

Photographs are now posted here.

CVC Cavalier Cross Country vs. Bakersfield Christian

A first for me, I was actually able to attend a CVC Cavalier Cross Country run, though it was apart of the Bakersfield Christian Milk Bowl, I was glad to finally be able to take photographs of each runner as they neared the finish line on their 3 mile cross country run.

Photographs of the runners can be HERE.


Though the course was wet and the weather threatened rain throughout the morning the Hensley Lake Tri-This du-athlon went off without an major injury. Photographs are now available here.

Starting with the young racers on a shortened course there was a race for everyone’s skill level. The event consisted of a trail running race followed by a mountain bike course. Tri-This was started by Brandon Dorman in hopes to inspire young athletes experience the benefits of a healthy life style.

The weather held out just long enough for the conclusion of the race and awards to be handed out before the rain took it’s hold for the rest of the day.

For those that are interested and in the Visalia area Hensley Lake is just outside of Madera and a great location for mountain biking, the race mentioned above was run starting from the Buck Ridge trail head.