Cavalier Volleyball vs. Redwood Rangers

Congratulations to CVC on their win against Redwood Rangers, capturing the Division III Central Section title.

Photographs of the game are available by clicking here.

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Mt. Whitney Pioneer Volleyball vs. Redwood Rangers

I was again invited to come and photograph the Mt. Whitney Pioneers in a game against the Redwood Rangers, while the came didn’t afford the win that we all would have liked there was a lot of very good play between the two teams and great rally’s that ended in Redwood’s favor. The great play by both teams enabled me to take great photographs of the Mt. Whitney players.

A full set of images taken at the game can be viewed by clicking this link.

A small selection of images available for viewing below.

CVC Cavalier Volleyball vs. Redwood Rangers

SC1Q2050The Central Valley Christian High Cavaliers in their second match of the season took the Redwood Rangers in strait games Thursday night leaving no question who was the more dominant power on the court. It was good to be back behind the camera taking photographs for CVC as I had missed the action and excitement of sports through summer.

The Cavaliers’ Junior Varsity took only 2 games to win the match against the Redwood Ranger dominating the court. Through the season I look forward to seeing how this team will come together as there is great potential.

The Varsity match was very exciting, in parts, with Cavaliers and Rangers had good rally’s which ended only due to minor mistakes of the teams. Varsity ended up closing 3 straight games for an over all victory.

Photographs from the event found here, please enjoy.