Hernandez Family Photographs

Photographs taken of the Hernandez family on Saturday, October 6th 2012 have been processed and posted to the following address you can view them by either clicking the link or clicking the photo above.

CVC Homecoming Photographs

Congratulations to Allie and Grant on being voted homecoming King and Queen for this years Central Valley Christian (CVC) Homecoming court.

Photographs of the day after photographs are now available here.

Davis and Bird

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Several weeks ago now, I had the opportunity to take a quick trip from Visalia out to Hanford and take photographs of my sister and her boyfriend in Hanford’s historic downtown. The shoot was a quick one, both in planning and execution due to the fact that he is a Navy pilot and isn’t always certain about the times that he is going to have off.

Don’t let the extreme heat of the central valley summers keep you from having good photographs. This shoot took only 30 minutes due to the extreme heat of the day, over 100 degrees on any day anywhere is simply hot. Remember fall is right around the corner and the tree’s will make a wonderful backdrop for portraits.

Portrait in a Bottle

It Hurts

Looking through some of my old work I ran across these photographs taken at the conclusion of 2005 that I thought that people may like having the chance to see. Please enjoy the video and the individual photographs. The point of this project was to emphasize the business of life and how labels get applied to people and how there are so many things that bring us pain every day.

The choir singing in the movie is Visalia’s very own Mt. Whitney Pioneer Choir of which I was apart from Fall 1995 through Spring 1999 at that time under the direction of Dan Jackson.

Dustin and Rachel Engagement Photographs


Dustin, Rachel and I had a great time trapsing through the countryside during their engagment shoot, we went to many different fields and a park to capture the images shown here. Rachel was particularly excited about the blossom trail as she had never seen so many tree’s in bloom and wanted to make sure that she could have engagement photographs amongst them. Many thanks to Rachel and Dustin for their attentiveness to getting that perfect photograph for their engagement.

I look forward to helping them get the information necessary to find a good photographer for their wedding which will be held in the Mississippi/Tennessee area.

Willy & Sarah Family Photograph

Originally I had offered to take infant photographs of Asa, however this didn’t work out so Willy and Sarah allowed me to borrow their time and photograph their new addition in a family portrait. Photographs were taken at Blaine Park, in Visalia California, one of the many parks in Visalia offering many different trees and areas for picnicking, playing with the kids and in my instance taking photographs.





Many photographers under fair weather conditions like to use the local parks of Visalia for portrait photographs and wedding photographs featuring the wedding party. Blain Park offers shade throughout the day, even on the most hot days the summer some reprieve can be found from the sun.

Many thanks to Forrest Cavale, friend and long time photography partner, for his assistance with the strobes and pushing me to get out of my comfort zone for the photographs. As a note good infant photographs after the first couple of weeks is something that is almost up to the infant themselves as a fussy mood can often turn into a very fussy mood quickly with the application of a photographers flash.


Candace and Michael (take 2)

Candace and Michael were gracious enough to allow me a second opportunity to take engagement photographs for them, the last time that we got together we were all very hot and very rushed for time. We had a lot of fun running around the countryside near Reedley, Dinuba and Kingsburg.

Please Click Here to view photographs taken of Michael and Candace.






Coldren Family Photos

Just in time for Christmas, Fall around the Central Valley is a great time for portraits, wither they are family portraits, e-sessions or senior portraits.

The Coldren family allowed me the opportunity to become a part of their family long enough to capture some fun and beautiful moments. They were instantly comfortable and willing to be crazy in front of the camera. Photographs taking can be purchased or downloaded from here or by clicking any one of the many photos that I chose as by favorites.