2011 Pop Warner

This years Pop Warner – Seniors have had a great season and continue to play well into their playoff’s, however I wasn’t aware of their home game dates until it was too late so I was only able to make it to one game.

Photographs taken of the Senior and Pee Wee players during the game can be viewed/purchased here.

Note: I didn’t make it to the Juniors game, sorry. If someone could please let me know when the games are for next year as soon as you are aware of them I would love to come to more games and capture more photographs of your children playing football.

Visalia Cavalier Football Oct. 4

Both the Visalia Cavalers, Pop Warner juniors and peewee teams came onto the football field and dominated against their recent opponent. With players willing to play their heart out to win and two games that ended in losses for the opponent I thought that the Cavaliers would sweep the evening.
In the first play of the game, kick off, the Visalia Cavaliers’ hearts were broken when the ball was run for a touch down. The first play of the game resulting in a touchdown put the team on the defensive for the rest of the game, attempting to contain their opponent and control the football game. After the half both teams in a struggle against each other there were a couple possibilities to squeak out a win, and though the Visalia Cavalier team was unable to win the game was a show of one good play after another and great sportsmanship.
Please click here to view and purchase photographs of the game.