CVC Fall Play (Ann Frank)

Photographs of the CVC Fall Play Ann Frank are now posted and available for viewing and Purchase. I want to congratulate the cast and crew for a great play that really tells a story, one that I fear may be forgotten if it doesn’t continue to be told.

Please click here to view photos.

IMG 7152

Fall Play Cast Photographs

Fall play cast photographs are now available from the following link, full post to come.

CVC Spring Musical “Aida”

Photographs of this years’ CVC high school spring play have now been posted here. The cast for the spring play “Aida” was quite large as has been the tradition for the CVC spring plays. The auditorium was beautifully decorated with hand painted Egyptian style murals which can be seen as the last couple of images in the gallery link below. There were also many live scene changes seen by the audience that seemed well rehearsed and were pulled off without the audience knowing if there were any issues. Great job everyone.

Photographs are now available here.

In the musical Aida, a princess from Nubia, is captured and brought back to Egypt while out on the Nile exploring it’s vast beauty. Aida’s capture leads to a chance encounter with Radames, a captain in the Egyptian army. Their chance meeting leads to her placement with Amneris the Egyptian princess pledged to be married to Radames. By the end of the musical the Adia, Nubian princess, and Radames, the Egyptian army captain, find their hearts have fallen for each other and are buried alive to die together as lovers.

You can’t take it with you (Actor Photographs)

Images from the Central Valley Christian High production of “You Can’t Take it With You” written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart are now available on my prints for sale website found here. If you would like a copy of the Cast Photograph please refer to my previous post as I am offering a download of the Cast Photo for Free.

“You Can’t Take it With You” is a play about a family who has taken the life of luxury to a new level, they are not rich by any means in the money type of richness, they are however rich in their interests and rich in their family tradition. Each character pursuing it’s own interests until which time as they believe they need to find another. In the opening scene we are introduced Penny, who writes plays on a typewriter that was accidentally delivered to their home almost 8 years prior.

You Can’t Take It With You (Cast Photo) FREE

Photographs from the spring CVC play “You Can’t Take It With You” will soon be available from however for the spring play I was asked to provide a free download to the cast of the cast photograph, to that end images can be downloaded by first clicking the image that you would like to see, the image will then load and you may right-click the image and select “Save…” or “Save As…”

CVC Fall Play

Visalia’s Central Valley Christian Theater opened early this with a fall production of “The Foreigner”, a lighthearted comedy in which the characters learn about their strengths from a guest pretending to be a foreigner. I was asked to be the official photographer taking photographs of the cast as they went through their final dress rehearsal. Great job to the cast, directors and set designers on your fun play.

Break a leg! (I believe that is what you are supposed to say.)

Photographs from the production of “The Foreigner” can be found here at my prints for sale site.




Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


Visalia’s Central Valley Christian has done it again, producing a wonderful play.

Photographs are now available through my prints for sell website, here, including special pricing on an all cast photo for those interested.

My Fair Lady

Going in to the production of “My Fair Lady” Central Valley Christian has done an excellent job on casting, set design, and rehersal both for transitions and actual sceen acting. Wonderful job everyone “Good Luck” or “Break a Leg” which ever you choose but no matter what “God Bless” your Production and the opportunitys that you will have nightly to minister to people.

Photographs are now available from the link below.