Porterville, Ca Airshow Eagle Mountain


For those who wanted to brave the early summer morning chill and give up possibly the only day that they are able to sleep in on a weekend the Porterville Air Show at the Porterville Airport was the place to be if you had a young son, daughter, grandson, grand-daughter, neice or nephew visiting and wanted to capture this attention and allow his imagination to wonder what was really out there to explore.

This weekend last weekend Saturday, June 13, 2009 Porterville, Ca hosted to the Eagle Mountain Airshow. Unlike many other airshows this one offered early risers the opportunity to walk around the planes, gates opened at 6:00 am with a scheduled hot air balloon lift off just after 6:30. I was able to take photos in the early morning light and talk with some of the owners/pilots. Many of the air crafts featured in this airshow were older than myself and had interesting stories about how it was that they were purchased or restored, this airshow was a car show for air plane owners, with many highly polished planes on display.

Though the hot air balloon’s never made it off the ground one company was brave enough to put theirs together in hopes that the winds both at the higher altitudes and along the ground would subside allowing for a launch and safe landing. There is something peaceful about the loud roar of a hot air balloon in the morning, perhaps it is the peacefulness upon which they would soon float given the correct conditions and the time of the morning that plays host to the hot air balloonists often in the air before many have even rolled out of their bed’s or had their morning cup of coffee.

I wasn’t able to stay long but for the time that was there I was able to see and partake in the portions of the airshow that I would find enjoyible. For those interested there were bi-plane and helicopter rides, there was pleanty to look at without looking at it from above.

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The Traveling Photographer

Unlike traveling with children on the airplane traveling with camera gear is much more easy than even I thought that it would be. Even with the size of my collection of equipment and it’s weight traveling to Oregon for the weekend has been a breeze and I would expect the same on any other travels, no matter the distance. I in fact think that my camera equipment travels better than I do as a six foot plus body really isn’t meant to be in the poorly designed plane seats.

Understanding the rules and regulations of travel with anything is key to traveling well. Pelican and other hard case makers understand the need for professionals of all types to travel with their gear, keep it safe, and arrive with it in hand. To that end Pelican has created a case, with wheels, that is the maximum size that most, and I have to emphasize MOST, airlines will except while traveling. Always check with the airline that you are going to be traveling with to ensure that your method of packing will comply with their regulations. I have linked some regulations pertaining to flying with gear below.

Going anywhere with camera equipment is a balancing game of wants versus needs to capture the experience, if you’re going to the mountains to photograph the tree’s you probably won’t be needing a telephoto lens unless you want just the tops or plan on shooting from one mountain to another. Likewise if you are going out to shoot wild life you won’t need to take your fisheye lens, unless you are out to photograph macro’s of some of the smaller biology in the forest. Take into account anything that could happen where you are going as well, will you be on a boat and will your camera float, or will you be dust storms, sand, or extreme heat. Under each condition your gear will take on different shapes and may have different limitations.

Often as photographers, hobbyist or even professionals at times, we will arrive at a location not knowing what would be best to have along, for situations like this you may find it best to have a small point and shoot that can accomplish a good cross section of the functionality of your gear while offering the size and portability of something that will fit in your pocket, you wouldn’t show up to a wedding with a point and shoot unless it was for a very specific purpose, likewise you wouldn’t go to photograph your third cousins’ twice removed birthday party with a full digital SLR kit unless you were really good friends or were being hired to do so.

Keep it light and keep it simple, that is the best way to travel with photographic related equipment. But always way sure that you have what you feel you may even want and if you find yourself packing anything more that one camera and one lens you may want to consider something with wheels.