Monarch Butterflies at Pismo Beach, California

Every year that I can remember the Monarch Butterflies have migrated through Pismo Beach, California on their yearly trek. I have wanted frequently to make my way to the grove of tree’s that has been home to the majority of the migrating butterflies but have never found the time to see them. This year I finally took a day of the weekend and made my way there to see the migration and found many beautiful butterflies adorning the tree’s.

In the photograph above you can clearly see one of the butterflies has been tagged, this will assist with the tracking of the butterflies from the point of origin to their destination as well as the population registration. Each butterflies wings may be unique but a tag with numbers/letters is much more efficient when counting. According to historical counts, the numbers of Monarchs making the annual trip is on a steady decline with peaks every couple of years. The count as of today is more than last year but not as large as has been seen. Being really a short drive from my home in Visalia; I hope to attend the grove each year over the next couple of years in hopes of seeing a large year, instead of steady decline and collapse.