Visalia Cavaliers

Photographs of the Visalia Cavalier Pop-Warner team have been posted to the following link. Congratulations to all teams on their win against the Fowler Redcats. For those that watch facebook please feel free to browse my page also.

Cavaliers drag down Redcats

Family Photos

Father, Son, Photo

These family photographs were taken with my new mobile studio in the family’s home. A quick setup done at their home and we were off and running, taking photographs in the comfort of their own home. This made for a relaxed atmosphere allowing the models to really be themselves. Thanks for inviting me come make photos of your family, I can’t wait to capture more photos throughout the years to come.


The photos were taken using Einstein 640, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, PLM, Backdrop and Stands and a set of Pocket Wizzards.

Hernandez Family Photographs

Photographs taken of the Hernandez family on Saturday, October 6th 2012 have been processed and posted to the following address you can view them by either clicking the link or clicking the photo above.

Photographs of the Gow Twins

I was able to go out to NAS, Lemoore, Ca to photograph my newly born nephews and thought it only fair that I share some of the photographs.

CVC Lady Cavaliers Soccer vs. Exeter

Photographs of the CVC Lady Cavaliers vs. Exeter can now be VIEWED/PURCHASED HERE.

Ms. W Senior Portrait Session 2

After our first session in which we took advantage of the country side Ms. W wanted another session more close to home, with photographs much more focused on her face. Below is a a sample of the photographs taken in Downtown Visalia and Mooney’s Grove.

CVC Cavalier Womens Volleyball vs. Kingsburg Vikings

Congratulations to the CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball team on another spectacular win against the Kingsburg Vikings. Photographs of the Central Valley Christian Varsity Volleyball team vs. Kingsburg Vikings can be purchased here.

Baby Anahliese

You should never wake a sleeping baby, especially if you wish to photograph them. Born only days before this photograph was taken my newest niece slept through almost the complete session taking photographs of her. In case you are wondering about the peaches her family and extend family is very much into peaches. Additional photographs can be seen HERE.

All of the photographs taken of Anahliese were in the safety of her home with her parents assistance and ever watchful eye. Almost 1 month old now I can’t wait to get a second set of photographs and post theme here again.

If you are interested in having me photograph your children or infant head on over to my contact page, I’ll be happy to work with you.

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Sacramento in the Spring

After some time home in Visalia, away from Sacramento, I was able to return to experience our state capitol in the spring time. The Capitol Park that I had watched turn color and shed it’s leaves in the fall had returned in full bloom, including the rose garden area. The recent rains had mellowed the temperature an really brought out the beauty of the town.

No longer were people going from car to office door as quickly as they could, many people were out just simply to enjoy the fresh spring air.

After becoming accustom to evening walks in Sacramento’s Mid-Town throughout my many fall and winter trips, I decided to join them with a small walk around the city to visit one of my new favorite Sacramento eateries Hot Italian which I believe in food comparison rivals my hometown favorite Little Italy though not it atmosphere if you are looking for a nice place to take a date. Hot Italian is all about the hip vibe, with everything inside looking very Tour de France and modern, even the tables have wheels.

As this trip to Sacramento may very well have been one of my last trips to Sacrament I decided that under the almost perfect evening conditions for a photographer that I would photograph some of my favorite spots around the town before the sun had set on my last evening in Sacramento.

Flowers in Spring 2010

I have almost missed spring, not that it hasn’t happened here in the Central Valley, just that things have been so busy around me that I have hardly noticed the flowers. Leaving home before the sun is really up and returning after a good workout with the sun almost nearly below the horizon. I haven’t really been able to stop and smell the Iris, everyone would have expected me to say roses.

So I guess all of this to say that I have just 2 photographs of spring so far this year that I can share, both of the same type and color of flower.

I am hoping to gather together some high-school seniors to take their photographs soon, before the wheat is harvested, the weeds are mowed down and the wonderful springtime blue sky’s are gone and fade into the grey/brown of hot summer days.

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