Cape Meares Lighthouse

We made it just before the sun set over the horizon and the Oregon summer fog made it impossible to see anything. Oregon light houses just as many of the lighthouses up and down the coasts of the United States are in area’s that take time and effort to visit, they are spread out in areas to provide the direction and safety needed. Cape Meares is just about in the middle of no where on some country roads towards the Pacific Ocean south and west of Tillamook, Oregon.

The photo above was taken with my rented 17mm TSE lens on my 5D a great combination for capturing the lighthouse in all of it’s splendor at quite a close range. Normally we would have been able to view the lighthouse from the inside with tours being offered by the conservatory, however recent to our vacation/arrival at the lighthouse some of the glass windows had been shot out by some local vandals, who I wish will soon be caught.

The views from almost all lighthouses are beautiful, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have lived there, at least a full day’s ride/walk from the nearest town. All of the space and adventure waiting to be had just beyond the cape with so much to do to keep the lighthouse in order.

Canon Beach, Oregon

Our first view of the Pacific Ocean while on vacation was Cannon Beach, Oregon, I think that labeling it the Morro Bay of Oregon would be appropriate as it seems very popular with the locals but has somehow maintained it’s small town charm. Coming from Tigard earlier the same day the difference in temperature was shockingly different and a welcome change to our average California Central Valley Day.

Haystack Rock add’s focus to the Cannon Beach landscape and seems to be a central gathering point for photographers such as myself as the sun edges itself towards the horizon. Near the rock there are a number of tide pools to look into when the tide is out. For those willing to listen a learning center, Friends of Haystack Rock, finds it’s place at the rock while the tide pools are exposed in hopes of providing protection for the life that inhabits the tide pools through education. The tide pools were interesting to me, besides the life which could be found within they offer many photographic opportunities, especially if you have the right equipment for it.

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, Sherwood, Oregon

Photographs taken at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge
19255 SW Pacific Highway (Highway 99W)
Sherwood, OR 97140

Meadow View

Wine Tasting at Penner Ash, Newberg, Oregon

Wine snob or not touring Oregon’s countryside vineyards tasting their particular variate or blend of wine ensures a good time out and about and many scenic locations. With the rolling hills of the Willamette Valley, areas near Salem, and Portland nearly every winery owns or has their tasting room at the top of the hill overlooking fields upon fields of rolling hills spread out to look at in wonderment.

Penner Ash - View of Rolling Hills

Penner Ash - View of Rolling Hills

Oregon is host to many many wineries and even more varieties of grapes, each organized into regions, that get turned into wine. I believe that you could spend weeks and weeks trying to taste all of the wines that are created throughout even just a single year, though many are very well put together it does make me wonder what the wine that was created during the wedding that Jesus attened at the start of his ministry would have tasted like.


Though Katherine and I had previously been on a wine tasting tour in Oregon however we were unable to partake in the experience due to some health concerns. Penner and Ash was the only stop on this wine tasting trip, though I don’t know much about wine I am told that the tastes were very good, in fact many of the Penner Ash vintages are almost literally flying off of their shelves and out of their cellars for the fact of it’s great review. Though my favorite was the Shea blend We were only able to settle on the expense of 2 of their wines both very good tasting the first a blush blend, 2009 Oregon Viognier, and the second a 2007 Oregon Syrah.

Wine Tasting Room - Nice Natural Light

Winery’s Tasting Rooms are really built to be places that you feel welcome to come and hang out, some people even bring their lunch to enjoy a bottle of wine and lunch at the vineyard overlooking its vista. Penner Ash Wine Cellar is definitely a place that I will be again in hopes to further train my pallet for each unique taste of wine.

Wildlife Safari, Winston, Oregon

During my recent vacation with Katherine we took a tour through western Oregon, one of the first stops that was made was to look at the Wildlife Safari for the Safari type photographic experience. Located just south of Roseburg, Oregon in Winston the Wildlife Safari is set away from the road far enough to allow for it’s large size.

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At just over $16.00 per person I thought that it might work out to be a disappointment due to the heat of the day driving the animals to migrate to areas of the park with shade, although they did do that there were plenty of animals decided to brave the almost Central California like heat wandering about the enclosed prairie that the Wildlife Safari has put together.

For the price and the experience I would definitely return for another couple of tours, perhaps at different times of the year, and would highly suggest it as a stop for any budding photography like myself.

Day 3 Port Orford/Bandon, Or KOA to Astoria, Or KOA

It was with great sadness that I left the remains of our webber barbecue behind today, at the local trash repository, Katherine even asked if I wanted to take a photograph of the event as something of such great memory had seen its last day, last tri-tip from Glick’s Meat market. We drove away without such a photograph as there is more to life than a simple steak roasting barbecue.

We made our way as quickly as possible over the 16 miles from the KOA to Bandon for our breakfast, finding a nice place in downtown Bandon for breakfast we had some pancakes with our own syrup and Boysenberry Jam, and some eggs.

Upon completion of our morning meal we decided that we would spend some time looking around the local shops, especially at an art gallery that had been suggested we see. There at the Second Street Art Gallery we spent some time looking around at the local art, much of it very good and fun to look at, until we decided that we could delay the days travel and events any longer and got on the road.

With full stomachs and and full fuel tank the travel was pretty light and fast for the majority of the trip, planning for and keeping in contact with a couple of friends that we were going to see too most of our attention as we headed North on Highway 101, until we passed a Light House and a couple of other locations near Yacht, Oregon that we decide that we would want to see on a future trip, locations of which we made quick notes.

Jarrod and Jessica were very welcoming when we arrived at their house and though we were only able to stay for a few minutes we were able to catch up with their news and play a little with their newly adopted child.

Making haste of the trip away from visiting with Jarrod and Jessica we speed on to Tillamook, in hopes that the visiting hours at the factory would not have yet been completed for the day so that we could have a look around the factory and facility as well as try some of their new cheeses and purchase some to bring home from our vacation. The gift area of Tillamook offers cheeses that Californians and even Oregon residents don’t have ready access to, a garlic pepper jack, garlic extra sharp and a smoked cheese all in their refrigerated cases ready to be picked to take home. It’s not hard to understand why it is that they don’t mass produce these cheeses as they are somewhat an acquired taste.

The evening travels ended with lots and lots of fog looking for someplace that we could collect some food for the morning journey as well as sustenance for ourselves before we retired for the evening. The Astoria, Oregon KOA was as welcoming as we had always remembered it and though we arrived late their general store was still open. Finding our spot quickly we set ourselves to warming up our long traveled, previously frozen lasagna, some bread, and a cup of milk before heading off to bed for the night.

Vacation Preview

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I am currently on vacation and wanted to share some of the photographs that I have taken during our time away from home. Their are many more photographs on their way.

Salem, Oregons’ Capitol, Evening Tour


Restless from the days event’s and not feeling well my wife Katherine and I decided to hit the pavement and have a look around Salem, starting with dinner at best little road house, we walked around Salem until it the last light from the sun had gone from the sky.


First we stopped by the police station and county seat to have a look around the park after finding some amazing planters full of tulips and then progressed on toward the state capitol building wandering through park after park. Taking photographs along the way of course.

Our evening tour ended in the old opera house looking through the windows at the bars of Slab Soap planning the following day to return to get some soap to take home.

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The Wedding of Allie and Josh

Allie and Josh Vow's

It’s a beautiful thing to see two people who have been so much in love for so many year finally get married, such is the story of Allie and Josh two very good friends of mine who have been dating for almost as long as I have known them. You can read their individual stories at so I won’t dive into that myself. I would simply like to congratulate them on their recent marriage and share a couple of photographs that I snapped of them from the sidelines on their wedding day. It’s nice to, at times, be able to just enjoy a wedding and what an enjoyable wedding it was.

Photography was provided by: Jessica Hill

Wine Tasting in the Willamette Valley

During our recent travels to Oregon for the wedding of our friends we went with the wedding party around to just a few of the local Vineyards and Wineries tasting the wines as we went. I took my camera along to capture some of the scenic vista’s available from many of the Winery Tasting rooms.


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Having had a great time out and about in the countryside “tasting” wine with our friends I think that it is something that I would like to try again soon in Visalia’s¬† “wine country” area of Paso Robles.

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