New Lens

In the examples that you can see below I am demonstrating the focal depth of my newest acquisition a 50mm Canon L Series 1.2F lens, for those that aren’t photo technical like it seems that I am it is a medium telephoto, about 2x in most peoples recognition, with a very shallow depth of field which also allows for images to be taken in much darker places. I can’t wait to get this lens out on the court and fields taking photographs of different sporting events, it will lead to much sharper images of the players which I am attempting to focus on.

In addition to sports endeavors the depth of field will help create interesting portraits for my portrait work.

White Balance Lens Cap

While doing some browsing around this evening I found something truely wonderful, a lens cap that very well may help people wanting to learn more about their camera and start shooting in the (M)anual mode. Taking well balanced photographs can sometimes be a chalange and if you want to balance correctly the first time… without looking at the photograph after it is taken and take an additional photograph or having your grey card along. Now all you have to do is learn to put your camera in Manual White Balance mode and take a test shot, this will set your camera for the environment in which the test shot was taken and help ensure that the whites are white and not blue or cyan tenged.

One of these baby’s on the front of your lens would assist in a more correctly balance photograph as you start to learn.


From $45 – $65 per cap.

Available from

Notice this is also an inner squeze cap… making it hard to bump the cap off while walking or traveling with your camera, an added bonus that I can’t commend Canon for.