Sacramento in the Spring

After some time home in Visalia, away from Sacramento, I was able to return to experience our state capitol in the spring time. The Capitol Park that I had watched turn color and shed it’s leaves in the fall had returned in full bloom, including the rose garden area. The recent rains had mellowed the temperature an really brought out the beauty of the town.

No longer were people going from car to office door as quickly as they could, many people were out just simply to enjoy the fresh spring air.

After becoming accustom to evening walks in Sacramento’s Mid-Town throughout my many fall and winter trips, I decided to join them with a small walk around the city to visit one of my new favorite Sacramento eateries Hot Italian which I believe in food comparison rivals my hometown favorite Little Italy though not it atmosphere if you are looking for a nice place to take a date. Hot Italian is all about the hip vibe, with everything inside looking very Tour de France and modern, even the tables have wheels.

As this trip to Sacramento may very well have been one of my last trips to Sacrament I decided that under the almost perfect evening conditions for a photographer that I would photograph some of my favorite spots around the town before the sun had set on my last evening in Sacramento.

Visalia Icon Taylor’s Hot Dogs is Back

That’s right the Visalia Icon is back, Visit soon, it’s so good.


That’s right everyone, head over to Taylor’s Hot Dog stand and get the best chilly dog in town. The chilly that really made the dog stand what it is has finally been brought back. The sign on the street said that it was back and I decided that I would risk the heart burn to find out, the risk was worth it. Three dogs everything extra everything later, which if you know me is quite unusual, I knew that I had eaten more than I should have.

Just in case you don’t know where to find Taylor’s Brothers Hot Dog stand I have included a map below.
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Porterville, Ca Airshow Eagle Mountain


For those who wanted to brave the early summer morning chill and give up possibly the only day that they are able to sleep in on a weekend the Porterville Air Show at the Porterville Airport was the place to be if you had a young son, daughter, grandson, grand-daughter, neice or nephew visiting and wanted to capture this attention and allow his imagination to wonder what was really out there to explore.

This weekend last weekend Saturday, June 13, 2009 Porterville, Ca hosted to the Eagle Mountain Airshow. Unlike many other airshows this one offered early risers the opportunity to walk around the planes, gates opened at 6:00 am with a scheduled hot air balloon lift off just after 6:30. I was able to take photos in the early morning light and talk with some of the owners/pilots. Many of the air crafts featured in this airshow were older than myself and had interesting stories about how it was that they were purchased or restored, this airshow was a car show for air plane owners, with many highly polished planes on display.

Though the hot air balloon’s never made it off the ground one company was brave enough to put theirs together in hopes that the winds both at the higher altitudes and along the ground would subside allowing for a launch and safe landing. There is something peaceful about the loud roar of a hot air balloon in the morning, perhaps it is the peacefulness upon which they would soon float given the correct conditions and the time of the morning that plays host to the hot air balloonists often in the air before many have even rolled out of their bed’s or had their morning cup of coffee.

I wasn’t able to stay long but for the time that was there I was able to see and partake in the portions of the airshow that I would find enjoyible. For those interested there were bi-plane and helicopter rides, there was pleanty to look at without looking at it from above.

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