Day 5: We stayed put at the Victoria West KOA

Wanting a day off before our return Katherine and I elected to stay put in the previous nights accommodations and tour around our newly embarked country. After a lazy morning playing Uno, cards, and browsing the internet a bit we made ready to head down to Victoria to see the Government buildings and take in some of the sights. A quick 22K from our campsite we were in Victoria and headed to the downtown area, our first obstacle was to find a place to park, and though I didn’t make quick work of it we were quickly parked alongside the government building setting off to see the sights.

First stop was almost a must, the Government building itself, we walked to the Harbor side of the building to get a clean shot of the Buildings face then up to the steps. At the steps we found that they offered a free tour of the building, an opportunity to walk through the corridors and get a lesson on the history of Victoria and British Columbia. Anyone planning on a visit to Vancouver Island, a visit to the Victoria government building is highly recommended and on the short list of things available to do that are free in the Vancouver area.

After having a look through the government building we set out to find some lunch, and some cash, though I could readily use our Visa I wanted to have some cash on hand to save the international charges encumbered on each charge. Not that it would really matter that much but lunch was amazing, I don’t even know how to describe it other than to say that it was a ‚ÄúWest Coast‚Äù sandwich with all the right tastes blended together including cranberries.

I had a tough time with the parking in the downtown area and quickly had to run off to check on the car twice to ensure that we didn’t end up with an international parking ticket. It was for that reason that we left Victoria on the second of such returns to head back to the KOA and find some food along the way. Though it was with frustration that I left Victoria for the fact that the government building is outlined by thousands of lights in the late evenings I had experience enough of the hustle to return to recharge the parking meter.