El Diamante Football vs. Hanford Bull Pups

The El Diamante Miner Football team simply walked away with the win against the Hanford Bullpups.

Photographs of the game can be viewed/purchased here.

Davis and Bird

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Several weeks ago now, I had the opportunity to take a quick trip from Visalia out to Hanford and take photographs of my sister and her boyfriend in Hanford’s historic downtown. The shoot was a quick one, both in planning and execution due to the fact that he is a Navy pilot and isn’t always certain about the times that he is going to have off.

Don’t let the extreme heat of the central valley summers keep you from having good photographs. This shoot took only 30 minutes due to the extreme heat of the day, over 100 degrees on any day anywhere is simply hot. Remember fall is right around the corner and the tree’s will make a wonderful backdrop for portraits.

Central Valley Farmers Markets

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It is at the farmers markets held throughout the many California Central Valley towns that the participants can find many different and wonderful types of produce. Fresno, Visalia, Reedley, Kingsburg, and Hanford all participate. Many of the produce items available at farmers markets can be seen in the photographs that I have taken while shopping for my farm grown produce.

Many people don’t understand how wonderful fresh produce can be, fresh right from the farm into my bag to take home and eat. A peach ripened on the tree is much better than a ripe peach from your local grocer any day, it hasn’t been kept in cold storage waiting to make it to market. If farmers markets ar held in your area make time to attend so that you too can take part in the evening festivities and take home some good food.

An Evening in Hanford

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Just arriving back from my time up in the San Francisco area for my day job I was invited to go out to Hanford for an evening in the heart of their downtown area. Superior Dairy is the place to go when you head in to Hanford, wither you are hungry or no there is always room for the Central Valley famous ice cream. Made there on the premises the ice cream is well worth the half hour drive.

The downtown scene in Hanford reminds me of a couple of movies, always green and always looking as though it belongs in a place that would offer a vacation instead of the hot summer heat. It seems as though the evening is about the best time to be in the central commerce area of Hanford, things are very relaxed and deep shade has settled across it’s entirety and there is an expectation for what the evening might bring.

On this particular evening there was a concert in the park, music that I wouldn’t normally listen to, no matter I still spent the twilight hours of the evening looking at the structures and attractions without the intrusion of people. Just the sounds of the local bikers comming and going on their Harley Motorcycles.

Ryan Barnes @ Caffe E Via

With people eyes now bloodshot from lack of sleep and poor from the shier cost of coffee. Starbucks reign of power over the American addition of coffee may be coming to a close. Though people are still clambering for their next cup of coffee they are doing it at a much lower cost. Fuel prices and a downturn in the market for stock and houses have left peoples wallets empty. Coffee once considered a desert after a nice meal had become a staple for the morning wake up ritual and a frequent place to stop for meetings.

Coffee shops may now be going the way of the local ice cream parlor, offering a treat ever now and again to those that have the taste for such a drink. The always fashionable tea is creeping back in as the choice for a nice chat, and the much more healthy smoothies made of fresh fruits and other more natural ingredients quietly becoming the specialty. It is easy to find a coffee shop, however it is tough to find a nice quiet tea spot with specialty tea.

Caffe E Via does a great job of being an everything stop, offering the convenience of a drive through for those that need their drinks to go and offering a nice bar and sitting area with chairs and tables offering enough room for everyone to relax and enjoy their cup of whatever their taste may be.

Coffee shops with all their new more specialized offerings may be the new small jazz club of the present day, allowing local artists to perform their music for patrons and friends while bringing business to the local community.

Being new to the genre of Coffee house music I can say that the entire experience was filled with learning. Though good acoustics are rare amongst coffee joints, especially those here in the central valley, Ryan Barnes did a wonderful job presenting his particular taste for music for others to enjoy. His music included fresh new compositions with a healthy blend of folk style music, bringing me to laughter when acceptable and be lost in the music at other times. If you would like to read more about Ryan or hire him for your event please feel free to contact him, his information can be found here.

Below I have added some photographs from the event.