Weststeyn Family Portraits

I have come to know the Weststeyn family through the last couple years, photographing their son Mark and daughter Amy for their senior photographs and playing sports for CVC so I guess that it was only natural that I photograph the family when they all came together near the beginning of the summer. This is a sample of the images that we captured. What a beautiful family, I’ll miss you all.

Weststeyn Family 1

Weststeyn Family 2

If you like what you see, please give me a call, I’d very much like to set up an appointment with your family make your photo.

Stout Grove

Needing some sun after the many days that we had spent enjoying the fog of the Oregon coast, suggested by a friend, we headed to Stout Grove. It was made apparent to me that Oregon Natives escape to Stout Grove as needed so that they can get their needed sunshine and I can see why. Stout grove was bathed in warm sunlight and had giant redwood after giant redwood, with a carpet of ferns to soften the feel and the mood. Sunshine came in spots through the trees while clear blue sky could be seen by simply looking through the highest branches in the tops of the tree’s.