Horses in the Fog

I don’t know that I will ever get a chance to get photographs of these horses again in the fog like this. It was a happen stance morning that brought these images to be. It was a beautifully foggy day here in the Central Valley that honestly made the photographs really worth capturing and sharing.

A full copy of the images can be viewed and purchased from here.

Day 3 Port Orford/Bandon, Or KOA to Astoria, Or KOA

It was with great sadness that I left the remains of our webber barbecue behind today, at the local trash repository, Katherine even asked if I wanted to take a photograph of the event as something of such great memory had seen its last day, last tri-tip from Glick’s Meat market. We drove away without such a photograph as there is more to life than a simple steak roasting barbecue.

We made our way as quickly as possible over the 16 miles from the KOA to Bandon for our breakfast, finding a nice place in downtown Bandon for breakfast we had some pancakes with our own syrup and Boysenberry Jam, and some eggs.

Upon completion of our morning meal we decided that we would spend some time looking around the local shops, especially at an art gallery that had been suggested we see. There at the Second Street Art Gallery we spent some time looking around at the local art, much of it very good and fun to look at, until we decided that we could delay the days travel and events any longer and got on the road.

With full stomachs and and full fuel tank the travel was pretty light and fast for the majority of the trip, planning for and keeping in contact with a couple of friends that we were going to see too most of our attention as we headed North on Highway 101, until we passed a Light House and a couple of other locations near Yacht, Oregon that we decide that we would want to see on a future trip, locations of which we made quick notes.

Jarrod and Jessica were very welcoming when we arrived at their house and though we were only able to stay for a few minutes we were able to catch up with their news and play a little with their newly adopted child.

Making haste of the trip away from visiting with Jarrod and Jessica we speed on to Tillamook, in hopes that the visiting hours at the factory would not have yet been completed for the day so that we could have a look around the factory and facility as well as try some of their new cheeses and purchase some to bring home from our vacation. The gift area of Tillamook offers cheeses that Californians and even Oregon residents don’t have ready access to, a garlic pepper jack, garlic extra sharp and a smoked cheese all in their refrigerated cases ready to be picked to take home. It’s not hard to understand why it is that they don’t mass produce these cheeses as they are somewhat an acquired taste.

The evening travels ended with lots and lots of fog looking for someplace that we could collect some food for the morning journey as well as sustenance for ourselves before we retired for the evening. The Astoria, Oregon KOA was as welcoming as we had always remembered it and though we arrived late their general store was still open. Finding our spot quickly we set ourselves to warming up our long traveled, previously frozen lasagna, some bread, and a cup of milk before heading off to bed for the night.

In comes the fog.

For weeks now I have been waiting for a chance to capture these photographs. I adore the fog and what it does to the environment and mood in photographs.