Looking for a Camera?

41f-i6dwkgl_sl500_aa280_Wither it is for a special occasion or for every occasion having the correct camera, one that fits your budget and gets you the photographs that you want/need.

Many people insist that their camera on their phone is enough for them, and while this may be true it wasn’t until recently that camera’s on phones offered a resolution better than the resolution of the screen on the phone itself, or the ability to off load the photographs to a computer or other medium for backup and though it is hard to beat the convenience of the camera phone it is hard to beat the quality of many other camera’s available to the every day consumer. Photographs are a way of self expression, memory preservation and documentation for many purposes. Consider this; many people would have more than enough camera if the camera’s were more suited to their uses, sports and wedding photographers such as myself need camera’s that respond on target every time without delay, landscape photographers need camera’s that preserve the beauty in front of the lens and mom’s and dad’s can often work with simple point and shoots.

The beauty of a dslr (digital single lens reflex) camera is that you have the ability to interchange your lenses and have a rather fast start up time and very little shutter lag. What do I mean about all of this? Simply put dSLR’s wither consumer, pro sumer, or professional are built with one thing in mind, speed and versatility. Very little time until recently has been put into efforts to make the camera’s beginner friendly, relegating their use to the experienced or casual use in hopes that the photographs would turn out well.

Their are many good things to be said about the use and availability of dSLR camera’s often though they can for their operator become bulky for the equipment needed to properly use one and expensive, enter the option for pocket sized camera’s. Which without the entire history is the topic of my post. Anything pocket sized is ready for use at almost a moment’s notice no matter where you are and there are many manufactures offering many different styles of camera’s to fit almost anyone’s needs or particular color taste; Canon, Nikon, Casio, Olympus and Samsung to mention just a few.

First rule of purchasing a camera, “Know what you’re getting in to” it is through research you find the things that you can live without and the things that you have to have a couple resources I have found useful over the years have been:, fred miranda, and people that are already owners of the camera that I like via reviews on sites that people use to purchase camera’s every day, be certain that you read the good and the bad to get a good view of the cameras limitations and strengths, some now even offer water proof digital camera’s.

While looking for a camera, if you have the time, take your time to ensure that you receive good information. The sales person at the local Best Buy may know what is new on the market and which camera is going to have the most MP (mega pixel), often however they won’t know what the lens relative focal distance and low light capabilities will be, their job is to sell you what ever is in the department that to which they have been assigned that day. Visit a local cameras shop, even if you are planning on ordering the camera online, their job is to match you with the camera that is within your budget and help you find the one that fits your need, especially if they are a small business. Mikes Camera, my local camera shop, has recently become competitive option to online purchases and may be well worth the trip to downtown Visalia.

For those of you looking for further recommendations on which camera would work best for you as a portion of your research please check out this site, they will be able to give you a couple of good recommendations that won’t break the budget.