Track and Field

CVC Track and Field kicked off this year with a meet at Mt. Whitney. Events included many athlete’s from sports which had just concluded, it seems that many of the CVC athlete’s actually triple sport the year going from say football to soccer and then to track.

Photographs are now posted here.

Horses in the Fog

I don’t know that I will ever get a chance to get photographs of these horses again in the fog like this. It was a happen stance morning that brought these images to be. It was a beautifully foggy day here in the Central Valley that honestly made the photographs really worth capturing and sharing.

A full copy of the images can be viewed and purchased from here.

Old Tractor

Though now gone, I found this tractor amusing to drive by every day for weeks on end. Often I was on my way to or from work and didn’t have the time to stop to take photographs, until one evening when everything was perfect and I had my camera in my trunk, the timing was right and the colors perfect to take photographs of this antique tractor.
I have no idea how long this tractor had actually been sitting in this location but from the looks of it, it hadn’t been used in years. People still look for tractors like this to restore as a collector item and my hope is that it disappeared to a person that would restore it to is former grandeur. Only stories from the original owner/driver would be able to tell how much work this tractor did in it’s day.

Mustard Field

California’s Central Valley, once known as the bread basket of the world, is one of the most agriculturally rich places on earth and as such spring offers many opportunities for photographs of wild flowers. Fields of flowers are perfect for playful photographs of a couple for their engagement photographs or thoughtful photographs of a high school seniors final days in high school. Photographs offer the opportunity to remember things as they once were and wish that they could remain.
Photographs such as these are often best taken as the sun is low on the horizon, making the shadows long and the colors rich.
During my first spring back in the Visalia area I was able to capture these photographs of a mustard field in full bloom, and though the field was disked a few days later I will always remember the way that it looked during this spring and look for fields that hold a match to its’ beauty.