The Result

The resulting image below is a combined 600+ Meg’s of RAW photographs taken on Mount Helena, overlooking Helena Montana While I was working for my day job.

A full view of the image can be seen here.

I climbed Mt. Helena after a day of work for the State of Montana, late in the evening the sun still above the horizon made the clouds beautiful and cast the long shadow of the mountains across the valley. Oddly enough this photograph was taken near 9 pm and I was still able to find my way down from the mountain top before the sun had fully gone behind it’s north western summer horizon.

On the way down from the summit I captured the following video using my handy video feature of my camera, there were deer all around which brought a since of tranquility, but I couldn’t get it out of my head that where there were dear there could be a mountain lion not far behind.


With my day job I often have the opportunity to travel, many times to area’s that I haven’t yet been. The last trip took me to Montana, a wonderful place during the summer if you were to ask me.

Additionally I took the following photographs.

Sacramento in the Spring

After some time home in Visalia, away from Sacramento, I was able to return to experience our state capitol in the spring time. The Capitol Park that I had watched turn color and shed it’s leaves in the fall had returned in full bloom, including the rose garden area. The recent rains had mellowed the temperature an really brought out the beauty of the town.

No longer were people going from car to office door as quickly as they could, many people were out just simply to enjoy the fresh spring air.

After becoming accustom to evening walks in Sacramento’s Mid-Town throughout my many fall and winter trips, I decided to join them with a small walk around the city to visit one of my new favorite Sacramento eateries Hot Italian which I believe in food comparison rivals my hometown favorite Little Italy though not it atmosphere if you are looking for a nice place to take a date. Hot Italian is all about the hip vibe, with everything inside looking very Tour de France and modern, even the tables have wheels.

As this trip to Sacramento may very well have been one of my last trips to Sacrament I decided that under the almost perfect evening conditions for a photographer that I would photograph some of my favorite spots around the town before the sun had set on my last evening in Sacramento.

Central Valley Farmers Markets

[slidepress gallery=’farmersmarkets’]

It is at the farmers markets held throughout the many California Central Valley towns that the participants can find many different and wonderful types of produce. Fresno, Visalia, Reedley, Kingsburg, and Hanford all participate. Many of the produce items available at farmers markets can be seen in the photographs that I have taken while shopping for my farm grown produce.

Many people don’t understand how wonderful fresh produce can be, fresh right from the farm into my bag to take home and eat. A peach ripened on the tree is much better than a ripe peach from your local grocer any day, it hasn’t been kept in cold storage waiting to make it to market. If farmers markets ar held in your area make time to attend so that you too can take part in the evening festivities and take home some good food.

Late Evening Walk


Just another photograph taken on an evening walk with my wife and boxers. Summer time in the Visalia area is always beautiful no matter how hot the afternoons can get.  The grapes grown on this particular vine are use as table grapes.