Day 1: San Ramon, Ca to Eureka, Ca

For the most part today was spent in the car, after completing the work needing to be done for work we took off and threw all to the wind, hoping to find some rest and relaxation along the road to Eureka. Though the weather was what most would call hot we spent most of the day marveling at how cool it was. Few stops were made except to trade drivers and get the fuel that we needed to continue on.

Vacation 2009, 30th Birthday gift from Kevin-0

Vacation 2009, 30th Birthday gift from Kevin-1

The highlights for the day, besides getting away from work and being on vacation included the traditional crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge to symbolize the starting of our summer vacation, lower fuel prices, and a toilet in the middle of the field. It’s obvious that a toilet in the middle of a field would obviously be a strange highlight for a day’s journey however this toilet is the subject of many laughs for Katherine and I and has held it’s current location for quite some time, at least 4 years that Katherine and I are aware.

Vacation 2009, 30th Birthday gift from Kevin-2

Arriving in Eureka right near dinner time we made plans to find a place in Eureka and that we did, straying form highway 101 just enough to find their downtown area we found a nice, almost family style, restaurant right next to their bay. Walking in we were kindly greeted and quickly ushered to a place that we could dine. This being the first time that we were near the ocean since our normal January trip we elected to have fish and chips with a small side of clam chowder, tradition for us when we are near the sea. Just as a plug for those that find themselves wandering through Eureka I would suggest Cafe Waterfront Oyster Bar or any of the of their downtown establishments for dinner.

Vacation 2009, 30th Birthday gift from Kevin-3

Upon the completion of dinner we walked around Eureka briefly and then proceeded on to our destination KOA for the night. Vacation for us comes with a tent, at least that is the way that we have continued to pursue vacation, there is no better place in our opinion while traveling up the California, Oregon and Washington coasts than Kampgrounds of America or for those that most often frequent them KOA. With the KOA’s as our normal spot we can assure a place to sleep and a place to catch the much needed shower, and usually internet, by which I plan to post this entry.

Snacks for the trip included dried peaches, nectarines, banana’s, and apricots.