Miss M. Senior Portraits

Miss M. was photographed in and around the Visalia Downtown area, on what was one of the hottest September days on record, due to the heat the locations had to be quickly accessed and photographs needed to be quickly taken so that none of us would melt. Images from the shoot turned out great and I wanted to post a link here for those who wish to view a current sample of my portrait work.

Link to Entire Set of Images

Davis and Bird

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Several weeks ago now, I had the opportunity to take a quick trip from Visalia out to Hanford and take photographs of my sister and her boyfriend in Hanford’s historic downtown. The shoot was a quick one, both in planning and execution due to the fact that he is a Navy pilot and isn’t always certain about the times that he is going to have off.

Don’t let the extreme heat of the central valley summers keep you from having good photographs. This shoot took only 30 minutes due to the extreme heat of the day, over 100 degrees on any day anywhere is simply hot. Remember fall is right around the corner and the tree’s will make a wonderful backdrop for portraits.

An Evening in Hanford

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Just arriving back from my time up in the San Francisco area for my day job I was invited to go out to Hanford for an evening in the heart of their downtown area. Superior Dairy is the place to go when you head in to Hanford, wither you are hungry or no there is always room for the Central Valley famous ice cream. Made there on the premises the ice cream is well worth the half hour drive.

The downtown scene in Hanford reminds me of a couple of movies, always green and always looking as though it belongs in a place that would offer a vacation instead of the hot summer heat. It seems as though the evening is about the best time to be in the central commerce area of Hanford, things are very relaxed and deep shade has settled across it’s entirety and there is an expectation for what the evening might bring.

On this particular evening there was a concert in the park, music that I wouldn’t normally listen to, no matter I still spent the twilight hours of the evening looking at the structures and attractions without the intrusion of people. Just the sounds of the local bikers comming and going on their Harley Motorcycles.

Salem, Oregons’ Capitol, Evening Tour


Restless from the days event’s and not feeling well my wife Katherine and I decided to hit the pavement and have a look around Salem, starting with dinner at best little road house, we walked around Salem until it the last light from the sun had gone from the sky.


First we stopped by the police station and county seat to have a look around the park after finding some amazing planters full of tulips and then progressed on toward the state capitol building wandering through park after park. Taking photographs along the way of course.

Our evening tour ended in the old opera house looking through the windows at the bars of Slab Soap planning the following day to return to get some soap to take home.

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Weststeyn Senior Portraits

Taking advantage of beautiful downtown Visalia, and some other locations not to far from Main Street, as a backdrop we set out to find the perfect photograph that would define the personality and interests of this CVC High School Senior. Edits on the photographs have been completed and are available here. Many thanks to the Weststeyn family for this wonderful opportunit to photograph their son.






For those that are interested I have one more free portrait session that I am willing to do for the first person to contact me. More photographs soon to come.


Senior Portraits for Bird

It is amazing the wonderful areas that can be found in your own home town for portraits that you wouldn’t normally think of. These photo’s, although taken of my sister for her College Senior photographs, were taken in and around the downtown area of Visalia, California. There were many more wonderful areas to choose from however due to limited time we settled on just a hand full. Although about 300 photographs were taken only about 140 made the cut.