Thanksgiving in Pioneer

This years thanksgiving was spent in the snow, freshly fallen, everything was white and perfect when we arrived just before the roads completely froze over for the night. It was great to have the freshness of the mountains and chill of fresh snow in the air to retreat to throughout Thanksgiving day.

Long Hot Summers and Staying Cool

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The long hot summers here in California’s Central Valley prompt all residents to find a reprieve from the almost suffocating summer heat; while their are many options to keep cool some of the more local options often offer the fastest relief. Local parks don’t often bring with them the coolness of water so it is for that reason that the local pools, rivers, lakes and water parks become much more popular.

During the past weekend I stayed cool in the Kings River, a river local to my home, the cool 65-70 degree water melts away the heat of the day quicker than any cool glass of sweet ice tea, and leaves you much more refreshed. Saturday night, braving the dangers and hazards in the water, a group of friends and youth from Kingsburg Mennonite Brethren went for a float down the kings river. After dark, especially with no moon to speak of, the seemingly calm Kings River is especial dangerous, while you don’t have to contend with the heat of the day obsticles that could be easily seen in the sunlight disappear into the darkness. Starting at 9:00 we floated for the better part of two and a half hours between launch and landing points, chatting and enjoying the break from the summer heat.

The afternoon of the following day was spent at the river again at a Kingsburg First Baptist event, family’s came together to stay cool in the river and barbecue their dinners in a quasi potluck style dinner. There were boats on which to go for rides, an area good for those only wanting to get their feet wet and a couple of rope swings from which to splash into the cool Kings River water. For those like myself that showed up in the early evening the cool river was the only way to stay cool, but as the evening went on the river’s cool water and slight breeze kept us all refreshed.

Wither in a swimming pool, a lake or even a powerful river it is important that you be aware of the dangers and do whatever you can to mittigate those dangers. Please don’t do any activities around water alone and always make sure that people know where you are at, where you are going and when you expect to return.