Central Valley Christian Homecoming Halftime

Photographs of the CVC homecoming halftime event are now available for viewing/download and purchase.

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CVC Homecoming Royalty (Rhett Anderson and Savanah Garbani)

Congratulations to Rhett and Savanah at your crowing as the Central Valley Christian Homecoming King and Queen for 2012.

Photographs both from the half time and the day after photo shoot can be found here, or by clicking either of the photographs.

Football Homecoming Ceremony

The princesses and their prince’s, hopefully charming, were brought out to the center field mark with use of a very nice hot rod golf cart, while being announced by the previous Homecoming King and Queen from 2010. Each was given a brief introduction about who they are and their current year in high school at CVC and then after all were brought in each senior prince was given a board game box, the theme of the week being games, each with a rose in it, the queen was announced with one of the roses being blue.

Images from the evening ceremony can be found here, feel free to browse or purchase.

CVC Homecoming Photographs

Congratulations to Allie and Grant on being voted homecoming King and Queen for this years Central Valley Christian (CVC) Homecoming court.

Photographs of the day after photographs are now available here.

CVC Homecoming Court

Though the field was a bit soft for high-healed shoes and the use of a local Alfalfa field maybe a bit strange. I believe that the photographs of CVC’s Homecoming Court turned out wonderful. Thanks to everyone for prompt arrival and participation with regard to the taking of photographs.

Photographs of the CVC Homecoming Court can be found here. Please use the discount code of “HomeCC2010” to receive an extra 15% of photographs purchased by 11/7/2010.

VFA -14 is Home (March 2010)

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Additional Photographs Available Here

Usually it is the news media that covers the homecomings of our military personnel and since the general public isn’t usually invited I don’t often receive the opportunity to express my gratitude to them in person, I don’t often have the nerve to just strike up a conversation with someone that I believe is in the military and thank them for their service. Truth is however that the men and women that serve in the military are just like the rest of us, well for the most part anyway.

I was contacted through my sister who has lived the last 4+ years as a wife to a Navy pilot, though she wasn’t attending the homecoming herself at the Lemoore Naval Air Station one of her friends wanted to have some photographs taken of her and her husbands reunion. The pilots had been separated from their family for the last 8 or more months, serving to fight for the freedom that we enjoy everyday.

Upon arriving at the base I had to check in through “Pass and I.D.” to ensure that I had the correct credentials to get me onto the base, this operation went more smoothly than I had expected and I was quickly on my way to the Op’s side of the base with my pass in hand. After finding a parking spot near the hanger I quickly grabbed the gear that I had brought with me, mainly everything that I own, and headed into the hanger. Through everything that I had learned the homecoming was supposed to be something small when I walked into the main hanger I was greeted by something much larger than something small. There were rows of seats set out for people to sit in while they waited for the pilots return, many of which went unused throughout the event.

Fast forward a bit, I met up with my sponsor for the day and waited for the pilots return, they were to go out past Lemoore and fly straight toward the opening of the hanger in formation and that they did, it was an amazing sight that moved many to tears of anticipation for the return of their loved one.

Now at home with their loved ones I am left with only photographs and the great memory of watching our soldiers/pilots come home. Though the entire event was short and most people returned to their homes quickly it won’t easily be forgotten by the pilots and their family. Photographs to help in the remembrance of the reunion can be found here for viewing and purchase.

CVC Homecoming King and Queen


Congratulations to Kylee and Jacob on their crowning as homecoming king and queen this year at Central Valley Christian. Photographs of the Homecoming event during half-time at the CVC vs. Coalinga game can be found at my prints online site.

This portion of the evening was also photographed by visalia photographers Forrest Cavale and Zach Niles of Third Element Studio’s

CVC Cavalier Football vs. Coalinga Horned Toads


Soliciting the assistance Visalia Photographers of Forrest Cavale and Zach Niles of Third Element Studio’s this weeks football game had the coverage of 3 photographers with 5 camera’s total. As result of this additional coverage their are many many more photographs for you to look through, I hope that you are able to find a good photograph of your player. Additionally there are many more photographs of the opposing Horned Toads for those interested in those photographs.

It seems as though the football season has just started and already we have landed on Homecoming weekend. People came from great distances to cheer on their alma mater in their first real football game of the season. Visalia’s Central Valley Christian High played the Coalinga Horned Toads with fierce determination in hopes of winning both Junior Varsity and Varsity games of the evening.


Junior Varsity, playing hard, was able to keep the game to an even tie against the JV Horned toads, with a couple of good drives that could have leaned in the favor of the Cavalier’s.


CVC’s Varsity team came on the field strong fighting all the Horned toads could through at them.