With my day job I often have the opportunity to travel, many times to area’s that I haven’t yet been. The last trip took me to Montana, a wonderful place during the summer if you were to ask me.

Additionally I took the following photographs.

Morning walk through Capitol Park

On some of my recent trips with work I have been traveling to and from Sacramento and have been staying right near Capitol Park, on a very clear morning after rain while walking quickly through the park I captured the photographs seen here.

[slidepress gallery=’MorningInCapitolPark’]

Getting used to our new Neighborhood

[slidepress gallery=’HorsesInTheNeighborhood’]

Having been on the road for the past couple of weeks I hadn’t been around our house much during daylight hours and had not seen our neighbors riding through the neighborhood on the horses. I love living in an area that still allows horses to go down the streets, it feels so much like countryside right here in the middle of Visalia.