Huntington Library Spring 2009

Having only a couple hours in the Pasadena area I decided that the place that I wanted to head was the Huntington Library, I made arrangements to meet some friends at the library to have a walk around the gardens and see what we could find to photograph. The garden areas surrounding the Huntington Library is full of peaceful places that would be perfect to sit and read a book, take a nap or walk aimlessly looking at all of the vegetation. Maybe some time I will go there with a book or a camera to enjoy the manicured area’s or visit the library kept there, I have yet to do either.


Completed after my last visit the Chinese garden was now open, we all agreed that this location would be one of our first stops to ensure that we were able to see it. There were many people cooling their heals in the Chinese garden, feeding the coy and taking photographs, for this reason many of the photographs taken of this area didn’t make the cut for this post. The structures in the garden were beautiful and included the carvings shown below placed in an open air location overlooking the central pond.


After concluding our photographic adventures in the Chinese garden we proceeded down the path to the Japanese garden, one of my favorite places in library gardens. Though very simple the Japanese garden was full of green and well manicured easy to enjoy under the cloud covered skys.


Completing the tour with a trip through the Arid Climate gardens we enjoyed many different Cacti and succulents including this old man cactus.


I would suggest a trip for everyone in the Los Angeles, Ca area to the Huntington Library, even if only to take a walk around their facilities, there are many more attractions that I couldn’t take time to mention or visit this time.

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