CVC Womens Soccer

Congratulations to the CVC Women’s soccer team on another perfect season. The images that I was able to capture can be seen here.

Link to CVC Womens Soccer Photographs

CVC Cavalier Football Seniors

Central Valley Christians Football team honored the seniors on 10/28/2011, this years seniors will be greatly missed by the team.

Photographs taken of the player with their parents/family can be viewed here.

Football Homecoming Ceremony

The princesses and their prince’s, hopefully charming, were brought out to the center field mark with use of a very nice hot rod golf cart, while being announced by the previous Homecoming King and Queen from 2010. Each was given a brief introduction about who they are and their current year in high school at CVC and then after all were brought in each senior prince was given a board game box, the theme of the week being games, each with a rose in it, the queen was announced with one of the roses being blue.

Images from the evening ceremony can be found here, feel free to browse or purchase.

CVC Football vs. Templeton Eagles

The home season opener for the Cavaliers was a game against Templeton, Ca. A perfect day and perfect weather for an opener, neither to hot nor to cold.

Click the photo above or here to view image from the game.

CVC Homecoming Photographs

Congratulations to Allie and Grant on being voted homecoming King and Queen for this years Central Valley Christian (CVC) Homecoming court.

Photographs of the day after photographs are now available here.

The Batter

By the title if you read words at pictures as I do you may think that I am talking about pancake mix, I am talking about baseball. Although the composition could be compared to a stack of crepes, though without the sticky jam the fluidity of the content does make the image stick together well.

CVC Swimming vs. Bakersfield Christian

Photographs of the CVC Cavaliers swimming team in their meet against the Bakersfield Christian Eagles have been posted to my gallery and can be found HERE. I have honestly been surprised how many athlete’s participate in 2 or more sports per year, I’m certain this immensely helps endurance.

CVC JV Lady Cavalier Soccer vs. Kingsburg

It’s not normal for me to post about the JV team, but I wanted to make a quick post about the JV team due to the fact that I was able to capture a team photograph of the JV Lady Cavalier Soccer team after their game against the Kingsburg Vikings. I will link directly to photographs of the team instead of the general game photographs. Perhaps next year we can get photographs of every sports team.

Photographs can be found here.

CVC Women’s Soccer vs. Kingsburg Vikings

Photographs of the CVC Lady Cavalier Soccer match against the Kingsburg Vikings can be found HERE.

CVC Women’s Soccer Seniors

Photographs of the Senior Women’s Soccer players and their parents can be found HERE.

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