Wedding of Michael and Candace – Preview

Couldn’t wait to publish at least a preview of Michael and Candace on their wedding day. Candace and Michael were married Saturday January 16, 2010 at the Heritage Complex at the International Ag Center, Tulare, California. From the reception hall you would have never know that it wasn’t a ski lodge someplace in the alpines with all of the pine trees around the facility.

The wedding was completely an expression of themselves and the love that they share, wonderful to be apart of.

Candace and Michael (take 2)

Candace and Michael were gracious enough to allow me a second opportunity to take engagement photographs for them, the last time that we got together we were all very hot and very rushed for time. We had a lot of fun running around the countryside near Reedley, Dinuba and Kingsburg.

Please Click Here to view photographs taken of Michael and Candace.






Candace Wiest Engagement Photographs

Congratulations Candice and Michael on your recent engagement, you both seem very happy together and very much in love. It was a joy to meet you, converse with you and have the opportunity to take your engagement photographs.
You are both very wise to seek the council of other married couples. Continue to seek out good Godly advice from other married couples concerning their struggles and ways they have made time and space for each other through marriage. Through the advice of others and a continued dialogue with each other I know that you can save lots of heartache for each other.
I hope that as we pursue additional engagement photographs that it won’t be quite so hot and that we will have prolonged sun for natural lighting.
I look forward to photographing your wedding on Jan. 16th 2010

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