Blossom Trail 2009


Spring came to the Central San Jauquin Valley, California much more early than usual this year, to be honest the tree’s are almost completely done with their blossoms for the year. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your Senior Portraits or engagment photographs taken on the blossom trail.

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Ms. Franks and Blossom

In just a short time I learned so many things about riding a horse that I had never know. First was how much care horses need. Horses need to have their hooves cleaned as often as possible and require correct bedding be available for their stabling and would prefer sand for their corral. Pictured here the horse is having it’s hooves cleaned, which revealed some sticks and rocks stuck from the morning rain and lack of daily care. Just like any person who would get ready to run a marathon a good horse requires daily exercise in order to stay fit for longer rides and competition.
Well trained horses and their riders make things look quite easy though I am sure that there would be no way that I would be able to do half the things that Ms. Franks was telling her horse to do. I watched in amazement taking in as much information about the ride and horse as I could. Please feel free to browse the photographs posted HERE, or continue reading to look at additional photographs.