Things may never be as we remember them being, but we can always celebrate the consistency of the things that we have taken part in. Every year for as long as I can remember and as long as my wife’s parents can remember, Fresno Pacific University has been host to the MCC sale. The MCC sale is put on to help the Mennonite Central Committee in their efforts to see Christs’ work throughout the world.

Though a reasonable day trip away from Visalia as a child I remember visiting the MCC sale, helping with the booth that Neighborhood Mennonite Brethren Church would sponsor wrapping burgers. Things were very different then, much more busy and many more crafts as I can remember. One thing strange for me to think of now is the fact that my wife was also in attendance of this event and it is possible that I met her long before I started dating her.

There are things for all ages, Face Panting and an area for children to play, food from many cultures and the big event being an auction. The auction is primarily of quilted items, once an attraction for all now seems relegated to the few that can appreciate the work that goes into the quilts.

Exeter Christmas Tradition

It’s not exactly walking in a winter wonder land, but it is as close as many people will get here in the Central Valley. Every year for who knows how many years Exeter has kicked off the Christmas Season by having what I would call a very large open house. Every shop devotes extra time to stay open for the benefit of the local area shoppers. The best of the small town era not lost to the progression of time.



Shops who elect to stay open late put out their best dress and order in treats if they haven’t home baked some treats for the late evening shoppers. Exeter Every place puts out their best dress and best treats each Thursday after Thanksgiving until Christmas, downtown Exeter, Ca in that evening is transformed into a magical place full of the joy that comes with Christmas.


I know that for most people the comparison may fail, but the downtown feel rivals that of Disneyland, with much more variety and things that people can actually use and treats for free. Additionally there are photos that can be taken with Santa, rides that can be taken on horse and buggy, and even a train that can be walked around and have it’s horn blown by any child at heart. People come from miles around to experience the Exeter Downtown Christmas event and if you live in the area I encourage you to attend next year as this years Thursdays evenings before Christmas are almost gone.