CVC Varsity Baseball vs. Exeter Monarchs

It was amazing to watch the CVC Cavalier Varsity Baseball team come back from their multi-run deficit at yesterday’s game. Great job Cavaliers. Photographs captured from the game can be viewed at the following link.

View CVC Cavalier Baseball vs. Exeter Monarchs Photographs

The Batter

By the title if you read words at pictures as I do you may think that I am talking about pancake mix, I am talking about baseball. Although the composition could be compared to a stack of crepes, though without the sticky jam the fluidity of the content does make the image stick together well.

Visalia CVC Cavaliers vs. Kingsburg Vikings Baseball

Photographs of the Varsity and Junior Varsity Baseball teams’ game against the Kingsburg Vikings can be found here.

The CVC Cavalier Varsity Baseball team ended the game with a spectacular win against the Kingsburg Vikings.

Cavaliers Varsity Baseball Rocks Immanuel Eagles

501711885_t3nrh-x2Visalia’s Central Valley Christian Cavaliers visiting the Reedley Immanuel Eagles rocked the diamond as before returning home with an astounding victory over the Immanuel Eagles baseball team. The Eagles had a hard time connecting with the ball in a way that would bring them runs. The game was full of large plays bringing runner after runner home for the Cavaliers.

Many thanks to the CVC Cavaliers’ Coaches for allowing me to be in the dougout with the players to capture these photographs for the players parents.

Fresno Grizzlies vs. Portland Beavers

I was graciously invited to a Fresno Grizzlies Baseball game by a friend from work, Ben Brady ( It was a very fun game to watch though there wasn’t a whole lot of action until right near the end of the game when the Portland Beavers ( came from behind to win the game. The Beavers took advantage of a pitcher change near the end of the game to get men on the bases and bring them home with a couple of good hits.

The Fresno Grizzlies decided to celebrate Friday June 13th by everyone dressing in uniforms with the number 13 on them, the hands in the stands were also wearing masks of different Friday the 13th masks. The mascot was also dressed for the occasion, wearing a cape and fangs.

Even the field hands had their own part in the “show” of the baseball game by dancing a portion from Thriller.

Having the opportunity to photograph a baseball game of this caliber is a nice small foray into more professional sports photography though I was still just a fan in the stand.

At the end of the game everyone who had stayed through to the end of the game was able to enjoy fireworks.

Just one more reason that even though my focus is wedding and portrait photography in the visalia area I never leave home without my cameras, or at least a very basic setup. Please enjoy the photographs and good luck to the Fresno Grizzlies and Portland Beavers in future games.