Photographs of the Gow Twins

I was able to go out to NAS, Lemoore, Ca to photograph my newly born nephews and thought it only fair that I share some of the photographs.

Baby Anahliese

You should never wake a sleeping baby, especially if you wish to photograph them. Born only days before this photograph was taken my newest niece slept through almost the complete session taking photographs of her. In case you are wondering about the peaches her family and extend family is very much into peaches. Additional photographs can be seen HERE.

All of the photographs taken of Anahliese were in the safety of her home with her parents assistance and ever watchful eye. Almost 1 month old now I can’t wait to get a second set of photographs and post theme here again.

If you are interested in having me photograph your children or infant head on over to my contact page, I’ll be happy to work with you.

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Fathers Day Baby Dedication

For those of you who are interested in getting a copy of the fathers day baby dedication at Kingsburg First Baptist please click the following link.

Photographs of Baby Dedication at Kingsburg First Baptist

Photographs can be downloaded from my site by right-clicking on the photographs, if you would like to order prints through the site that has also been setup at my cost.

If you like what you see please leave a comment behind, additionally please note that I am looking for willing families to photograph. I would like to take family portraits for anyone attending the Kingsburg First Baptist Church, the sitting would be free and the prices for the prints nominal, please read my Special Offer for full details.

Willy & Sarah Family Photograph

Originally I had offered to take infant photographs of Asa, however this didn’t work out so Willy and Sarah allowed me to borrow their time and photograph their new addition in a family portrait. Photographs were taken at Blaine Park, in Visalia California, one of the many parks in Visalia offering many different trees and areas for picnicking, playing with the kids and in my instance taking photographs.





Many photographers under fair weather conditions like to use the local parks of Visalia for portrait photographs and wedding photographs featuring the wedding party. Blain Park offers shade throughout the day, even on the most hot days the summer some reprieve can be found from the sun.

Many thanks to Forrest Cavale, friend and long time photography partner, for his assistance with the strobes and pushing me to get out of my comfort zone for the photographs. As a note good infant photographs after the first couple of weeks is something that is almost up to the infant themselves as a fussy mood can often turn into a very fussy mood quickly with the application of a photographers flash.


Young Baby Portraits

A long time friend of mine through Battalion and his wife had a baby, and graciously allowed me to come over with my cameras and bright lights. To take infant photographs their new child. Below are samples of the photographs taken. Baby photography is a new venue for me as wedding and portrait photography up until these photographs had been my main thrust.