Ms. S. Senior Photographs

Ms. S ran around Visalia taking photographs in some amazingly beautiful places after a bit of rain. She was a complete doll to take photographs of every image was almost effortless for her to pose for just like Ms. W, I think honestly that girls just have it down after teasing all of the boys at school. Anyway here are the photographs, and a link for those that want to browse.

Ms. S. Senior Portraits

Ms. W. Senior Portraits

Ms. W. was very fun to photograph, we started the day off in the mountains just outside of Three Rivers at Lake Elowin Resort, which we were able to use due to the cool weather and afternoon vacancy, and then wound our way down the mountain roads back towards Visalia taking photographs at different locations. Many thanks to Ms. W. her great smile and wonderful demeanor while taking photographs. I look forward to our 2nd session.

Images of the session can be browsed here.