Although the following are frequently asked questions (faq) I would like to encourage you to email me from my contact page if your question is not specifically addressed here.

Q: If we book with your studio who will be the one photographing our wedding?

A: As KJFphoto is a sole proprietorship, Kevin Ford will be the photographer for your event. Please view the about for information about Kevin Ford or feel free to send an email from the contact page if you have any further questions.

Q: How many photographs can we expect from our event?

A: As noted in our post “A Brides Guide to Better Wedding Photography”, many thanks to Mark Parker of Marksbrides.com, the number of photographs taken at your event depends on you as much as it depends on the photographer. On average 60+ photographs are taken per hour, some of these will be great and others will have someone shoveling food into their mouth and will be discarded in the quality check/editing phase with regards to your photographs. Final number of photographs delivered for proofing depend on the package/extras purchased.

Q: Will I have any input as to the photographs taken on my wedding day?

A: All special request photographs found in magazines would be best delivered one month before the wedding. As to special requests of photographs of friends I will always be available to ensure that the memories with these friends are captured.

Q: How far will you travel for free?

A: My services are primarily provided to the Visalia/Fresno area, for this reason travel outside of these areas will be taken on a case by case basis.

Q: Can I get the digital negatives?

A: The short answer to this is Yes, however their is a bit more detail that is needed to completely answer this question. In the photographers since of looking at things “digital negatives” are the raw files that came out of the camera, before edits; while these files can be made available it is important to note that these files aren’t representative of the photographers final product.

What people are often asking for is a copy of the photographs that I have sent them and have in hand, these are “digital edits”, which I am more than happy to provide as your event is your event and you should have a copy of the photographs taken.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: In one short word Canon, I am and have been a Canon photographer ever since the first consumer DSLR was released. My equipment includes the following, including backups.

Canon 5D (mark I)
Canon 1D Mark II N
Canon 15mm Fisheye
Canon 24-105 F4 IS L
Canon 50mm F1.8
Canon 85mm F1.8
Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS L
Canon 300mm F2.8 IS L
Canon ST-E2 Transmitter
Canon 580EX Flash
Canon 430EX Flash

Q: Are my photographs safe after they are taken?

A: All measures are taken to ensure that your photographs stay safe. Following your event the photographs are downloaded and backed up using the following process:

1. Download Photo’s to computer
2. Backup Photographs to backup hard disk
3. Burn three CD/DVD of photographs (later delivered to client)
4. Export JPEG (high quality images) upload to internet for backup.
5. Take backup disk off-site, bringing back 2nd backup disk.
6. Make 2nd hard disk backup of photographs
7. Erase photographs off of camera.

As is demonstrated the photographs will not be erased from the camera until a sufficient level of data redundancy has been achieved, assuring that your photographs will stay safe until final delivery to you.