img_7779 Changing my prices and my offerings it was time for a new album manufacture, with so many out there I was left with the question which was the best to choose. In the end I decided that the one offering the least barrier to entry was going to be the one for me, not excluding quality and craftsmanship also as quantifiers. Designing albums has been something that I have been working very hard to learn over the last couple of months and this is my first “Self – Designed” album. Graphi-Studio’s album was the winner, with excellent quality and design their album really is top notch, and the same album that Katherine and I received after we were married as well.

img_7769The binding on the album is what they call “uni-bind” really one long sheet of paper printed then folded into the book, this means that the pages have a lot of space to offer the designer, allowing photographs to fall through the gutter of the page to the next page without loosing detail, color, or visibility.