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Hey all, sorry to say that I have decide to close KJFPhoto, my family needs more of my time than I have to give with photography also in my life,..

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Footloose - kfphoto

Photographs of the CVC play “Footloose” are now available. http://gallery.kjfphoto.com/CVC/CVC-20152016/Footloose/

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20141225 - kfphoto

Photographs from 2nd trip to Los Osos, I’ll be going back for sure. http://gallery.kjfphoto.com/Landscapes/20141225/i-4ZgqxFG

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Eagle Lake - kfphoto

Photographs from a trip to Eagle Lake 2 seasons ago. http://gallery.kjfphoto.com/Landscapes/Mountains/Eagle-Lake/

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M + C Woodard

Photographs from a recent engagement session. http://gallery.kjfphoto.com/Portraits/Engagements/M-C-Woodard

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